10- Best YouTube Keyword Tools in 2026

f you want to get more views on YouTube, you need to use the best tools. In this article, we will discuss 11 Best YouTube Keyword Tools in 2022.

In addition to becoming the destination of choice for online video, YouTube is also the second-largest search engine in the world and the second-most visited website behind Google.

So it seems sense that marketers are focusing more and more on creating thoughtful YouTube SEO strategies.

 The proper keywords should be included in these plans, which take into account a variety of elements. YouTube keyword tools greatly reduce the amount of guessing in this process.

Using a YouTube keyword tool can give you insights into customer behaviour and, potentially, an advantage over the competition by enabling you to see what YouTube viewers are searching for on the platform. In this article, we’ll go into more detail regarding YouTube keyword research, discuss why it’s crucial, and examine 11 of the most well-known tools.

1# TubeBuddy


TubeBuddy is a keyword research tool for YouTube. It can help you find the best keywords to rank for, and it can also help you get more views on your videos.

TubeBuddy has an easy-to-use interface that’s filled with useful features like a brand new search box, which makes it easy to type in any phrase related to your content topic. You’ll also find additional tabs at the bottom of each page so that you can easily switch between categories or change filters and sort options. This makes it easy for anyone who isn’t familiar with how keywords work on YouTube!

2# YouTube Autocomplete

YouTube Autocomplete is a keyword tool that helps you find keywords for your YouTube video. It is a free tool that allows you to find keywords for your videos by using the search queries entered by other users.

The best part about this is that it gives you suggestions as well as information related to each keyword, such as how many times it has been used and what its popularity is at any given time in history. This makes it easier than ever before to come up with an idea for your next project or video idea!

3# MozTube

MozTube is a free tool that can be used to find search volume, competition and related keywords for your video. You can also use MozTube to find the most popular videos on YouTube and their related categories.

MozTube will use its built-in machine learning algorithm to analyze your keyword list and recommend relevant keywords that you may want to include in your title tags or descriptions.

4# Keyword Tool for YouTube

Keyword Tool for YouTube

The YouTube keyword tool is a free tool that you can use to find keywords for your videos, channel, competitors and niche.

  • Keywords: The YouTube keyword tool is one of the most popular YouTube keyword tools available on the market today. It provides you with results based on trending topics in your area so that you don’t have to go through all those tedious searches yourself!
  • Channel/Video Title: You can also use this feature if you want to see which search terms people type into Google when typing in “your video title.” This will help increase engagement and traffic from users who are looking specifically for what you’ve created!

5# SemRush


SemRush is a great keyword research tool for YouTube. It provides data on keyword popularity, search volume, and competition. You can also see the top related keywords for your chosen keywords.

You’ll be able to analyze different aspects of your video and find out if it ranks higher than others in its category or not.

6# vidIQ


VidIQ is a keyword research tool that helps you discover new keywords, find the most relevant videos for your keywords, and rank your own videos.

You can use VidIQ to find out if there are any gaps in your content or if there are topics that people want to see more of on YouTube. You can also use it to figure out how many subscribers you need before starting a new channel.

This tool gives options such as “top trending” or “most searched” so that you know what kind of content should be created based on what people want to see on YouTube today!

7# Ahrefs


Ahrefs is a popular keyword tool that’s available to anyone. It provides you with a number of tools, including the ability to find the most popular keywords and related keywords. You can also use it to find the best keywords for your videos, which will help you rank higher in Google search results.

Ahrefs also offers other great features such as:

  • Keyword Difficulty Score (KDS) – A metric that shows how easy or hard it will be for a user who searches for a given term on Google or YouTube; based on their keyword difficulty score, Ahrefs recommends which terms might be worth targeting next!
  • Domain Authority (DA) – A measurement used by SEO professionals when ranking websites based on their authority level within specific niches and topics; DA helps give insight into how well-positioned each domain is within its industry sector at large—which could mean big things if you’re trying something new like starting an online store!

8# Ubersuggest


Ubersuggest is a keyword research tool that can help you find profitable keywords. It’s easy to use and has some great features that make it stand out from its competitors.

In this article we will take a look at how to use Ubersuggest, how it can help you with your SEO and what is the best way to use this tool?

9# Keyword Surfer and Google Trends

google trends

If you want to find the best keywords for your video, then Keyword Surfer is a great tool. It helps you find the highest-performing keywords and shows you how often they’re searched per month. This is helpful if you want to create content with a specific focus on one topic or niche.

Google Trends also lets you see how often people search for keywords related to yours—this can help give an idea of what kind of topics people are interested in when looking up information online.*

Get more views on YouTube, You Need to use the Best Tools

YouTube is a great platform for content creators. However, if you want to get more views on YouTube, you need to use the best tools. These tools can help you find the right keywords and optimize your videos so they rank higher in search results.

We’re confident that you will find this list of the best YouTube keyword tools to be useful, as they can help you optimize your videos for search and rank higher in YouTube. The most important thing is to use effective keywords in your video titles and descriptions so that people will find it and watch it. 10- Best YouTube Keyword Tools in 2026

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