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As you expand your understanding of Adobe Illustrator, expand your perspective. Consider taking one of these seminars to learn about digital drawing techniques and themes like logo, icon, and series of examples. These Illustrator courses can help you develop your skills whether you’re a novice or an expert, a hobbyist or a professional artist. You’ll get the chance to learn new skills that will help you work with Illustrator, as well as other programs in the Adobe Creative Cloud suite. Additionally, you may learn how to produce incredible posters, album covers, stickers, t-shirt design, and other goods by mastering your skills. Each online course is divided into manageable modules with practical tasks to finish and share. Adobe Illustrator Course in Rawalpindi

As you learn further about Adobe Illustrator, widen your views. Consider taking one of the programs available here that cover digital illustration techniques and topics like logo design, vectors illustration, font, icon, and pattern design. These Illustrator tutorials can help you develop your implementing effective of your level of skill, expert, dabbler, or pro. By acquiring new abilities, you’ll be able to use Illustrator, Premier, and Then after Effects as well as other programs in the Adobe Creative Cloud suite. And you may learn to master your skills to make incredible posters, album cover, stickers, t-shirt designs, and other merchandise. Each online course is broken into a few quick courses that include practical assignments to finish and share. Graphic Design course in Rawalpindi.

Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphic editing software. Its first version came out in 1987. Its latest version CC 2020 released in December 2019 is its twenty-fourth version. This software is also written in C++

Adobe Illustrator Course Contents

  • Introduction to Adobe illustrator
  • History
  • Background
  • Uses
  • Types
  • Selection and Alignment
  • Shapes creation and editing
  • Working with layers
  • Pen and Pencil tools
  • Transforming and positioning art
  • Art Boards
  • Working with images
  • Working with Symbols
  • Working with masks
  • Printing, Saving and Exporting
  • Magic Wand
  • Mixing colors and shapes
  • Applying Effects
  • Applying Graphic Styles
  • Assessment by tests and assignments
  • Final Project (Personal)

Course Duration : 2 Months

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Adobe Illustrator Course in Rawalpindi


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