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Amazon Course Our company has been offering this course for the last five years. In this course we have taught you Amazon course and we have told you how you can sell your products on Amazon. In this course we have told you how we can build our store and how we run this store and how we can make millions of rupees by selling these products in the international market. I have also started online classes and thousands of students from our institution are earning millions of rupees by doing this course. Within this course you will be told that What kind of product can you sell and how to research your product then list those products and then market your product especially from Amazon’s PP service and another option is Google Ads where you can quickly With the help of AIDS your cell starts. Amazon offers you seller services like it charges a monthly fee and gives you a special place. This course will show you how you can earn millions of rupees a month sitting at home. Amazon Course in Pakistan by Haris Institute

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pk institute is directing the people of Pakistan towards business growth, working on the biggest markets of the world, and becoming successful entrepreneurs.

  • $132M Revenue By Student
  • Ecommerce Selling Group
  • Ecommerce Network
  • 300K Student
  • Educational Franchises
  • Team of Mentors
  • Largest Video

Amazon FBA Course Outline

  • Introduction of Amazon
  • What is product advertising
  • How to create an account
  • Seller central
  • creating an account on Amazon
  • Amazon products
  • How to list products
  • Products listing.
  • Products management.
  • Products optimization
  • Conversion Tricks.
  • Keywords rankings
  • Upload Html, images
  • Writing product title and product description.
  • How to list Single Product
  • Amazon Web Store Conversion Tracking
  • bidding, and reporting section.
  • Best practices for reaching millions of customers.
  • order management.
  • Amazon, reviews, feedback and ratings.
  • Set up your local and International account on Amazon.
  • Learn all possible opportunities to generate higher sells and returns on Investment (ROI) on Amazon.
  1. Amazon FBA Course Fee: 25000/
  2. 5 Days a Week Classes for Online

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Haris Institute  is dedicated to enabling Pakistan as 1 of the largest eCommerce hubs in the world. Our team has exclusively devoted to helping the people of this country become entrepreneurs and work on international platforms. 2 million employment opportunities.

What is Amazon

Amazon is a global e-commerce marketplace that specializes in selling products ranging from electronics, apparel, books, toys, health & beauty products, home decor, food, etc. This online platform enables consumers to find virtually any type of products they’re looking for while helping small businesses get exposure to millions of potential buyers.

The company was founded by Jeff Bezos (a billionaire tech entrepreneur who is currently ranked 48 on Forbes list of billionaires) with $23,000 he earned from his first investment. To date, Amazon has invested heavily into building out their brand globally and creating best-in-class platforms and technologies that help them manage and deliver high quality products at scale.

Today, Amazon’s global network consists of over 454 fulfillment centers across 46 countries and 550+ operational data centers. In 2016, Amazon had sales of nearly US$232 billion and net income of US$6.2 billion. Amazon strives to be Earth’s most customer-centric company, Earth’s best employer, and Earth’s safest place to work. they are active participants in the communities where people live and work worldwide. They employ over 300,000 people and have created more than 25 million jobs.

Amazon Seller Central

Amazon Seller Central (ASC) is a web-based application that allows sellers to manage their listings, orders, inventory, customers, and payments from a single interface. This tool can help sellers automate many aspects of their business, including order fulfillment, customer service, accounting, marketing, shipping, and payment processing.

Amazon FBA

Amazon Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) is a program offered by Amazon where independent merchants fulfill orders placed through Amazon’s website. Products are stocked and shipped by Amazon, who handles customer service and returns. Sellers do not have to worry about storage, transportation, or customer service.

Amazon Payments

Amazon Payments provides sellers with a secure way to accept credit cards online. Through this system, sellers can set up recurring billing, track transactions, and receive real time updates. Amazon Course in Pakistan and Islamabad city.

What you will learn in this Amazon Web Store Management

We offers Amazon Training Course from Islamabad, Amazon includes Amazon FBA Product Listing, .In this Amazon Training, you will learn how to manage Amazon web store & Marketplace. How third-parties / companies become partner with Amazon to list and sell their products, managing orders, customer details and feedback.

In this Amazon seller central training we will train you, how to set up Amazon seller account, manage and optimize Amazon store, list products and increase sells through Amazon FBA and FBM program. get Learn Amazon FBA Course in Pakistan. Amazon Virtual Assistant course in Pakistan

Do you want to start your own online business from home with Amazon and earn millions? Or do you want to learn Amazon completely and earn millions per month by providing Amazon Virtual Assistant services to expert bins?
If you want to complete Amazon course and want to become an excellent Amazon seller, then you can take special Amazon course from Knowledge City that too for a reasonable fee.

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