Amazon Dropshipping Course in Rawalpindi – Amazon Training

This course is designed specifically for people who want to learn everything they need to know about establishing and operating an Amazon dropshipping business from Pakistan. A deeper grasp of how Dropshipping can also work via Warehouses or 3PL by purchasing inventory and holding it at a 3PL will help you become the owner of the products before selling them. Dropshipping Course With Amazon & Shopify Amazon Dropshipping Course in Rawalpindi – Amazon Training

This training will show you all of the tactics that are incredibly effective and useful in history’s eCommerce industry, especially when it comes to warming up your accounts with Wholesale FBA before you start Ecommerce platform.  offering a complete drop shipping business course on Amazon and shopify for the first time in Pakistan. This course will help both beginners

Dropshipping Course Outline

  • Amazon Buyer/Seller Overview
  • Understanding FBM/FBA & Dropshipping
  • Understanding Me-Too – Feedbacks – Ranking
  • Introduction / Your First Steps Towards Financial Freedom!
  • Creating Your Amazon Seller’s Pro Account
  • Crucial Account Settings For Dropshipping.
  • Setting Up Your Shipping And Return Settings
  • Understanding Seller Central Dashboard And Understanding Account Health While Dropshipping.
  • Forming An LLC For Your Business While Being In Pakistan.
  • Forming LTD Company For UK Business
  • Importance Of ITIN And How To Get It.
  • Importance Of VAT And Tax Exemption For UK
  • Importance Of Company Accounts And Credit/Debit Cards In Dropshipping Business.
  • Getting Your Resell Certificates, Tax Exemption Certificates.
  • Setting Your Amazon Tax Settings.
  • Understanding Tax Exemptions From Stores Or Wholesalers.
  • US WalMart To Amazon
  • US Overstock To Amazon
  • US Costco To Amazon
  • US Sam’s Club To Amazon
  • UK Costco To Amazon
  • UK Ryman To Amazon
  • UK Smyths To Amazon
  • EBay Items To Amazon
  • Dropshipping From Wholesalers
  • Dropshipping From Warehouses Or 3PL By Buying Inventory At First Place And Storing At 3PL You Become Owner Of The Products
  • Learn Tools ( Helium10 – Jungle Scout – Google Trends– Keepa )
  • Techniques Of Product Hunting – How To Find Profitable Items For Dropshipping
  • Understanding FEES And Profit Calculation.
  • Adding Items To Your Inventory.
  • How To Win BUYBOX.
  • Competition Analysis And Manage Inventory And Pricing
  • How To Manage Orders And Handling Time.
  • How To Process Orders Through Your Supplier
  • Confirming & Tracking Orders/Shipments
  • Sales & Inventory Spreadsheet – Tools For Business
  • E-Mail Scripts For Customer Service Inquiries
  • How To Handle Cancellation Requests
  • How To Handle/Process Returns
  • How To Reduce Customer Complaints How To Keep Your Account Metrics
  • How To Deal With Invoices And Amazon Requirements.
  • Plugins/Extensions Setup & Installation
  • Selection Of Suppliers And Understanding Which Supplier Will Be Best For Your Dropshipping Business.
  • Understanding Return And Dispute Resolution With These Suppliers.
  • Understanding Scaling Your Dropshipping  Amazon.
  • Understanding Why Wholesale Is Important To Warm Up Your Account And How To Do Wholesale
  • Understanding Reliability Of Websites For Wholesale
  • Products And Actions To AVOID In Dropshipping
  • Outsourcing – Hiring A VA To Automate Your Tasks
  • Outsourcing Tools – Inventory Management
  • Book Keeping And Records Of Your Business For Analysis And Taxation Purpose.

Amazon Dropshipping Course Fee: 25000/-

Amazon Dropshipping Course in Rawalpindi – Call # 03325649993

What is Dropshipping?

What Does Drop shipping mean?

Drop shipping is a business model where a retailer doesn’t keep any inventory themselves but instead they find a manufacturer that can fill their orders at wholesale prices. They then mark-up the product and sell them to consumers.

Why do people use drop shipping?

People are looking for ways to save money and cut costs. With drop shipping, you don’t have to pay expensive overhead costs to stock your own warehouse, buy your own products, and hire employees to manage your store. You simply get a website and start selling! Dropshipping Course With Amazon & Shopify Amazon Dropshipping Course in Rawalpindi

For those that want to start and operate an Amazon dropshipping business from Pakistan, this course is specially tailored. You can become the proprietor of the Products before you resell them if you have a deeper understanding of how Dropshipping can also operate using Warehouses or 3PL by buying inventory in the first place and storing at 3PL.

The course will assist you in understanding all the tactics that are incredibly valuable and effective in the current eCommerce industry, particularly warming up your accounts with Wholesale FBA before you start Ecommerce platform.

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