Artificial Intelligence Course

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the ability of machines to perform tasks that require human intelligence, such as visual perception and reasoning. It’s a broad field of computer science and engineering that involves the development of computer systems with intelligent behavior. artificial intelligence course

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the field of computer science that focuses on creating machines that can act and think like humans. AI is a rapidly developing field, with many companies and researchers working to build systems that can perform tasks like driving cars or recognizing faces in pictures.

Course Content

  • Course 1Artificial Intelligence for Business Leaders
  • Course 2Python Programming Language
  • Course 3Understanding of Artificial Intelligence Algorithms
  • Course 4Data Science & Scraping
  • Course 5Natural Language Processing Techniques for Robots / Chat-bots
  • Course 6Machine Learning Techniques
  • Course 7Deep Learning / Neural Networks
  • Course 7AI Capstone Project
  • Master’s CertificateYou will get individual certificates for each course.

The term “artificial intelligence” first appeared in 1955 as a reference to science fiction stories about advanced robots capable of fooling humans into thinking they were alive: “What if an artificial entity could pretend to be human?” This idea has since been expanded upon by researchers who realize how much technology has advanced over time—and continues to advance at an exponential rate—and want us all to understand what’s possible when it comes down from sci-fi fantasy land into our everyday lives.

Why should you learn about artificial intelligence? Because if you’re interested in becoming one yourself! You’ll learn everything from where AI fits into our daily lives (in business settings), how we use it ourselves (in our personal lives), what makes us happy or sad when interacting with machines instead of people…and more!

Artificial intelligence is a rapidly-growing field with great potential for impact. It can help us understand, predict and manage our world more effectively than ever before. As an industry leader in this area, we’re excited to offer a new class that covers everything from the basics of machine learning algorithms through to advanced topics like deep learning and neural networks. Artificial Intelligence Course

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