15 Best Hotel WordPress Themes – 2024

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS platforms. It’s easy to use, and it comes with a huge community of developers who can help you with any questions you have about using their software. If you’re looking for a way to create a website for your business, then check out our list of 25 best hotel WordPress themes: 15 Best Hotel WordPress Themes

Modern Design and Implementation

The theme has a modern design and implementation. It’s clean, minimal and good use of white space. Responsive design is also a must for any business to have because it allows your website to look good on any device, whether it be desktop or mobile phones.

Mobile Responsive Sites

Mobile responsive sites are designed to be viewed on mobile devices. They have the same design as a desktop version, with the exception that it will be adjusted for smaller screens and easier reading. Mobile responsive themes are used in many hotels and resorts because they can help boost conversion rates for your website visitors by making it easier for them to find what they want on their device of choice!

Custom Colors and Layout

Custom colors and layout are important for branding. You can change these easily, so if your client wants a different color scheme or header image, you’re not stuck with it. There’s no need to hire a developer just to change the color of text or images. Custom colors and layout are also easy to change by the client without having to hire an expert developer who knows how WordPress works—you can do it yourself!

  • Easy to create modules that include contact form, sign in page, login/register and blog.
  • Easy to customize the design of your site by using a drag & drop editor.
  • Built on top of Genesis Framework which is a powerful and flexible WordPress theme framework developed by Automattic (the company behind WordPress).
  • Integrate Google Analytics, Piwik and Facebook pixel using the plugin WP All in One Social Warfare to add social features.

Add Social Features to Your site

The best way to add social features is to use a plugin. You can find one here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-all-in-one-social-warfare/. This plugin will help you integrate Google Analytics, Piwik and Facebook pixel into WordPress so that you can track how your website is being used by visitors. 15 Best Hotel WordPress Themes

WordPress plugins are available for businesses of any size, but you still have to spend time learning how to use them.

For example, the following plugins are ones we recommend:

We hope this blog post has helped you to learn some of the best WordPress themes for your hotel business. Each one comes with a different set of features and you can choose which ones are most important for your needs. 15 Best Hotel WordPress Themes 

Hotel WordPress themes are an important part of a hotel website. They help you attract clients, build trust with customers and increase conversions. As such, it’s important to choose the right one for your business. To help you make that decision, we’ve compiled this list of 15 best hotel WordPress themes available today:

1# Hotel Booking WordPress

Hotel Booking WordPress

Hoteller WordPress Theme is a responsive WordPress theme created especially for hotel, resort and apartment with completed booking system within theme package. Built with the latest WordPress technology. Hoteller support responsive layouts built especially for hotel, resort or apartment website so it looks great on all devices. It has hotel booking management features such as seasonal pricing, booking management, flexible rates and many more. Including various ready to use websites for different kinds of hotel for example luxury hotel, beach hotel, mountain hotel, city hotel and apartment etc. which can be imported with one click.


2# Skyline


Skyline is a clean and modern WordPress theme for hotels, hostels, resorts and any other type of accommodation or accommodation business. It’s built with the latest HTML5 & CSS3 technologies to ensure that it works great on all devices.

Skyline comes with 4 different color schemes – gray (default), white, black & blue – so you can easily choose which one suits your brand the best! The theme has been designed to be 100% responsive so it will display well no matter whether you’re using desktop computer or mobile phone in order to check whether your website is working properly or not.


3# Hotel Master

Hotel Master

Hotel Master Booking WordPress Hotel Master is a clean, modern WordPress theme for hotels, resorts and other tourism businesses. It’s built on the Bootstrap framework and comes with tons of customization options.

Hotel Master is also fully responsive so it looks great on all devices (desktop, laptop or tablet). The theme fully supports Google Maps API v3, which means it can be used to display your location information right in your website!


4# Mahogany

Mahogany is a responsive WordPress theme for hotels, hostels, resorts, inns and other accommodations. The theme has a clean, modern design that will look great on any device. It’s packed with features including an option to add your own logo or favicon; custom meta tags for search engine optimization (SEO); custom post types for booking rooms; contact form builder; social media buttons; Google Map integration; and more!

Mahogany has been specifically designed with search engines in mind so you can easily optimize your website for better rankings in Google Search results.

5# Hotel Engine

Hotel Engine is a powerful hotel WordPress theme, which is specially designed for hotel, resort, lodge, inn, hostel, B&B and other similar accommodation businesses. The theme comes with many features such as:

  • Easy to use and install.
  • Beautiful design with modern UI & UX techniques that are easy on the eye.
  • Built-in page builder (Visual Composer) which allows you to easily create any page imaginable in no time at all!

6# Oceanica

Oceanica is a responsive, clean, minimalist and multipurpose WordPress theme. It’s one of the best hotel WordPress themes out there because it has everything you need in your business website:

  • Easy to use interface.
  • Responsive layout that looks good on all devices.
  • Multi-purpose design for hotels and resorts or any other type of business site you want to create using this theme.

7# MyEstate

MyEstate is a real estate WordPress theme for real estate agents, brokers, and developers. It is a great solution for a real estate agency website, real estate blog, or real estate property management website.

MyEstate is a responsive real estate theme that looks great on any device. The theme comes with multiple home pages which are fully customizable by you through the panel of options provided in the backend panel of this theme. You can also use shortcodes to display your listings in various ways across your site like:

  • Listing Pages – You can create 3-5 listing pages with different layouts and add/remove sections according to your needs (e-mail subscription form).
  • Blog Posts – Add posts from different categories like “About Us”, “Services”, etc., as well as add images with captions beside each post title; separate categories under each section called “Posts” so that readers know what they’re getting into before clicking through!

8# Hotel Leisure

Hotel Leisure is a responsive hotel booking theme that has been developed with the aim of making your life easier. This WordPress theme is designed to help you manage your business and make more money.

Hotel Leisure comes with six color schemes, which means you can choose the one that best fits your brand image. It also comes with several customization options, such as logo uploader, custom headers and footers, etc.

9# Downtown Hotel

Downtown Hotel is a responsive WordPress theme that includes a booking system. It has a customizable design, so you can change the color scheme, fonts and images. Downtown Hotel also has an eye-catching homepage with a slider that features your hotel’s logo and its location on Google Maps. The header section of this theme allows users to add their own logo as well!

10# MotoPress Hotel

Hotel Booking WP Plugin & Theme – MotoPress Hotel Booking
Motopress hotel booking plugin is an easy-to-use, quick, affordable way to make your hotel website customizable, even for those lacking programming skills.

It’s a great alternative to the default WordPress theme that comes with every new installation. Best Hotel WordPress Themes


In this article, we’ve looked at 15 of the best hotel WordPress themes you can use to create your own online booking engine. All of them are designed with a focus on showcasing your services and products while still keeping things simple and easy to use—so you can get up and running in no time! Best Hotel WordPress Themes

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