17- Best SEO Friendly WordPress Themes – 2023

SEO friendly WordPress themes are a hot topic right now. They’re getting more and more popular, and they have their own set of benefits. But what exactly are these themes? How do you choose one? And how can you use them to increase your organic search traffic? In this article we’ll answer all of those questions! 17- Best SEO Friendly WordPress Themes

1# Smart Mag

Smart Mag

Smart Mag is a simple and minimalistic WordPress theme that’s perfect for a news or magazine website. It has a responsive layout, which means it will look good on any device, including mobile devices.

If you want to build an SEO-friendly website with this theme, we recommend using Yoast SEO plugin to help your content rank higher in search engines.

2# Newspaper

Newspaper - News & WooCommerce WordPress Theme

This is a fully responsive and retina ready WordPress theme. Newspaper is a super flexible and fully customizable theme with a lot of options to create a unique website. Newspaper comes with the following features:

Responsive design, it looks great on all devices (PC, Mac, Tablets).

Customizable header image with parallax effect. You can upload your own header image or choose from included ones or use one of our pre-made templates.

List style can be changed easily using sliders in the admin panel where you will find many different options like horizontal/vertical layout, color scheme etcetera!

3# Schema

Schema Pro

Schema is an SEO plugin for WordPress that helps you optimize your site for search engines and social media. Schema is a great SEO plugin because it has a ton of features and is easy to use. It’s also free to use!

Schema’s main purpose is to help improve your SEO by automatically adding schema markup (also known as microdata) into posts, pages, categories and even custom fields on your website. This will help Google index the data more effectively so when someone searches for something specific like “what does [title] mean” or “how do I find [subject]” they’ll be able to find what they’re looking for quickly instead of having an endless list with no results!

4# Gillion

gillion wordpress theme

Gillion is a clean, modern and responsive WordPress theme with a focus on simplicity and user-friendliness. Gillion is powered by the Divi Builder, giving you the ability to create any type of website you can imagine with no coding knowledge needed.

Gillion has been built from scratch using HTML5 & CSS3 technologies while taking into consideration best practices in web design such as WCAG 2.0 accessibility requirements, cross browser compatibility etc., making it easy for you to create an engaging experience for your users across all major devices like desktop computers, laptops/desktops, tablets and smartphones etc., regardless whether they are using Windows XP or Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard (or higher versions). 17- Best SEO Friendly WordPress Themes

4# NewsMag Lite

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NewsMag Lite is a responsive magazine theme for WordPress that is fully optimized for search engines and speed. The theme is simple, clean and elegant. It’s built with SEO in mind, so it will work great with the best SEO plugins out there!

NewsMag Lite has been designed to provide you with an awesome front-end experience on your website. You can create beautiful pages using our drag-and-drop page builder or use our pre-made templates (available at https://wordpress.org/themes/newsmaglite) which are already created by professional designers who understand how important it is to have your content displayed well in search engine results pages (SERPS).

6# Zakra

zakra theme

Zakra is a WordPress theme for news sites, blogs and magazines. It’s a responsive WordPress theme, which means that it’s fully optimized for mobile devices. Zakra provides the best experience on both desktops and tablets. The design is clean and elegant with a modern feel to it – perfect for any kind of content you want to publish!

Zakra comes with several great features that make it easy to use:

7# OceanWP


OceanWP is a WordPress theme for bloggers, photographers and creative professionals. It’s built on the idea of simplicity. The design is clean, minimalistic and easy to use while still providing all of the features you need to create your blog or portfolio site.

OceanWP has been built with speed in mind so you can focus on what matters: creating great content! OceanWP will load fast even on slow connections due to its optimized codebase which makes it responsive across all devices including tablets and phones (phone versions have been tested with Android tablets).

8# VMag

VMag is a clean and modern WordPress theme for magazine and news websites. It has the features that you need in a responsive WordPress theme, such as support for translation, flexible layouts and multiple header options.

VMag comes with many useful widgets to make your content stand out on your website. You can use it for personal blogs, business websites or even portfolio sites!

9# Phlox Pro

As a blogger, you want your WordPress site to be as SEO friendly as possible. Phlox Pro is one of the best WordPress themes available for bloggers. It has been designed specifically with SEO in mind and comes with several features that help boost your ranking on Google.

The theme supports AJAX powered search engine optimization (SEO) by using the power of Google’s Knowledge Graph API, which allows you to easily insert relevant data into your site’s pages using tags like “location” or “keyword”. This way, people who are looking for information related to those topics will find them much easier than if you didn’t use this feature at all!

10# Flash Pro

Flash Pro is a responsive and retina-ready theme. It’s multipurpose, meaning it can be used for any purpose. The theme comes with an option to create your own custom color scheme, which makes it easy to change the colors of your site without having to worry about changing all of the text styles in other parts of the website.

Flash Pro also supports translation-ready and translation files so that if you need help translating your site into another language, this theme will be able to handle it for you!

11# Sydney Pro

Sydney Pro is a multipurpose responsive theme for WordPress. It’s perfect for business, portfolio and personal websites. Sydney Pro has a clean code and easy to use features so you can get started with it straight away.

The template comes with 3 home pages, 6 post formats (standard, excerpted, gallery mode etc.), 24 custom fields and 9 custom widgets that allow you to customize the layout of your site further.

12# Zelle PRO

The Zelle PRO theme is a responsive WordPress theme that has a clean and minimal design. It has a drag and drop page builder, which makes it easy to create your website. The Zelle PRO theme also comes with an amazing feature called “Frontend Page Builder”, which allows you to build pages without coding!

13# Zelle Pro Theme Features:

Responsive Design – This means that the site will work well on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. If you want your site to look good on smaller screens as well as larger ones then this is an important feature for you!

SEO Friendly – We all know how important SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is nowadays so if you don’t have one of these themes then we recommend checking out our list below!

14# ColorMag Pro

ColorMag Pro is a premium magazine theme for WordPress. It is designed for magazines, news websites and blogs. ColorMag Pro uses the latest WordPress features and is fully responsive. This makes it easy to use on desktop or mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The theme comes with many customization options so you can modify it to your liking without any problem at all!

15# Storefront

Storefront is a clean, professional and multipurpose theme for WordPress. It comes with many features like:

  • Responsive design
  • Compatible with WooCommerce plugin (it is not included in the package)
  • Support for page builders such as Visual Composer and Divi Builder

16# Bimber

Bimber is a fully responsive WordPress theme for blogs and online magazines. It’s built on the Bootstrap 3 framework and is fully compatible with the latest WordPress 4.5.

Bimber comes with a custom homepage template with a built-in slider and a hero section (with an option to show only one section at once). The homepage includes social media buttons, which you can customize with any color or size that you like as well as display on any page or posts page using shortcodes provided by [theme-name] .

17# Hestia Pro

Hestia Pro is a responsive WordPress theme that is optimized for SEO, speed and user experience. It comes with many useful features like drag & drop page builder, WooCommerce integration and more.

Hestia Pro comes with a built-in blog engine called Genesis which allows you to create stunning posts without having any knowledge about HTML code or CSS stylesheets. It also comes with advanced post formats like video embeds, images galleries and others so that you can easily build amazing websites without worrying about how your content will look on every device of size ranging from mobile phones to tablets or desktop computers as well! 17- Best SEO Friendly WordPress Themes – 2023

Let’s hope we’ve covered all of the best SEO friendly WordPress themes on the market today! 17- Best SEO Friendly WordPress Themes – 2023

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