8- Best WordPress Directory Plugins for Business – 2023

WordPress Directory Plugins are known for the vast benefits they provide to businesses, especially when they offer local services! And as a person who runs an online directory website, you will benefit greatly from installing the directory plugin on your website. I mean, who doesn’t want big bucks to make big bucks? Best WordPress Directory Plugins for Business

Before we take a look at the list of the best business directory plugins around, we will first understand a few basic things! WordPress directory listing plugin

Key features when choosing a WordPress directory plugin

Before installing the WordPress plugin, you must double check whether the selected plugin is worth the money each! Because there is no point in going back and forth! You are only sabotaging the development process and withdrawing money.

Here are some key features to consider before choosing a “plugin” for your website!

Payment Gateway options

If you are running an online directory website, you must be very flexible with the payment options. Because you have no idea what payment gateway your potential customer is looking for. And it should never be a reason for you to lose business!

Custom form fields

Obviously, you have to add / customize the form fields on your WordPress directory plugin as the nature of each online directory varies depending on the geographical location of the industry and business. So make sure the Business Directory plugin you choose allows you to customize the form fields.

Media support

Who would want to show off their business without their brand logo? In fact, one study found that 10 out of 8 people were reluctant to list their businesses when they did not have the authority to upload media files. And this is probably another factor you should take a closer look!

Monetization options

As a business approach, monetization is a key component of sustaining a business. The same is true with the directory listing business, and you need to know how to easily monetize a directory website. An Authentic WordPress Directory Plugin allows you to take advantage of a number of specialized monetization features to grow your business.

User friendly element

Imagine you are a user and you are in an online directory website trying to submit your details. And it’s been a while since you started looking for a submission form! On a scale of 1-10, how many listings of your business would you still like to have on the website? The thing is that the user friendly element is one of the most important factors that a WordPress directory plugin should have!

While there are other features that are considered essential (user interactions, directory listing editing, short codes, etc.), these are the most notable features mentioned above and we didn’t want to overlook them!

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s move on to the section where you will see some of the best WordPress directory plugins, their features and pricing.

Let’s start with the first one on our list right now!

1 #Director – Business Directory Plugin

Director - Business Directory Plugin

Directorist, developed by WPWax, is one of the most intuitive WordPress business directory plugins that you may have come across. The plugin lets you easily create an online business listing directory like Yelp and Yellow-Pages. With features such as creating directories based on factors such as location, category and interest, it is not surprising that Director is our leading plugin in this reading.

The plugin is compatible with almost all popular themes like Astra, Divi, Avada etc. and you can use CSV bulk importer whenever you want. 25+ Element Page Builder Widgets, Frontend and Backend Listing Submission, Unlimited Shortcode Options, Customer Reviews and Rating, Built-in Language Translator Plugin and many more features that make this plugin a must on your deck. Make !

As far as you should use this plugin, it is very user friendly, highly customizable and 100% responsive. You can also find a roadmap for their bright future on their official website. Plus, they have an extended documentation facility and an excellent support team who are committed to helping you anytime!

The PS plugin comes with built-in SEO optimization system and also supports Yoast SEO! And you can get premium extensions available to enhance the features and functionality of your directory.


2 #HivePress

Whether you want to create a directory for business, real estate, jobs, restaurants, or anything else, HivePress is a great option. This free plugin offers everything you need (and more) for a fully functional directory or listing style site. Best of all, the plugin is able to offer all of these features while being completely free and easy to use – so there’s really no excuse to avoid trying it out.

HivePress is basically a directory. This means that the expected lists include custom post types (with relevant archives and taxonomies). However, there are several free and premium HivePress extensions that add features to the base plugin. Free extensions cover endorsement for Facebook or Google login support, favorite to add users list to “heart”, messages to enable private messaging, geolocation for lists, reviews and Ratings, as well as claims and paid lists (which make it possible for users to claim or pay for a list, respectively

Paid extensions for HivePress cover more specific functionality that can be a great investment for your business. At the time of writing these include membership, marketplace and applications if you want to monetize your directory beyond simple paid lists. But informational add-ons like search alerts, social links, opening hours, statistics, and listing tags to provide you (and your site visitors) with more helpful data.

If you’re a developer, you’ll be happy to know that the plugin adheres to WordPress coding standards, uses the REST API, and offers its own set of actions and filters to make extensions easier. And for non-devs, using HivePress on their site is a breeze because there are currently three premium themes for you in addition to the free ListingHive theme.

3# Business Directory Plugin

Business Directory Plugin is a WordPress plugin that is simple and easy to use. With limited features (in the free version), you should have no problem creating your first online directory. The free version allows you to accept both free and paid listings and avoid spam listings with the ReCaptcha option.

Options for uploading files, displaying the geographical location of the listing, giving users reviews and ratings come in the form of additional software add-ons (as opposed to a director). You also get several payment gateway options in the premium version of the plugin, such as Stripe, PayPal, PayFast.

In a nutshell, the Business Directory plugin is a good choice if you are satisfied with the basic features. But if you need advanced features like Google Maps integration and discount codes, you need to start paying out of pocket.

4# Geo Directory

They’ve got themselves a promising banner with this quote that says “The World’s Most Modern and Expandable WordPress Directory Plugin”! Well, let’s see more about this WordPress Directory Plugin!

Developed by AyeCode Ltd, GeoDirectory strongly attacks the fact that it allows you to easily create location-based business directories – it doesn’t matter if you have a directory for a single street or city. Want to come up with, you have GeoDirectory. Back!

Recent team developments have made the plugin 100% compatible with Gutenberg and other popular page builders such as Elementor, Divi, Beaver Builder and more. The plugin is lightweight, easy to use and most importantly developer friendly (you can quickly create custom directory themes if you wish). You can use new features to improve the quality of your business directory, such as extended business hours display, customized email templates, and a badge system for featured lists. And there’s more to GeoDirectory Pro version to offer.

5# Connections Business Directory

The name explains what the plugin is! Connections Business Directory promotes itself with a unique point – better simplicity with exceptional features! To get started, the plugin is compatible with all popular themes and page builders like Divi, Avada, Enfold, Elementor, Beaver Builder, Fusion and more. And the plugin is constantly being updated so that its users get new features!

In addition, you will find custom fields that help businesses add more information, such as business hours, certification, local time, facilities, and more. There are some premium options (CSV import, custom entry order etc.) and premium templates that you should find quite useful. .

Plugin developer friendly and can find open source on GitHub. In addition, the plugin is used all over the world where users have managed to translate it into their own languages.

6# Sabai Directory

We started searching a bit and came across this “hard to feel” plugin – Sabri Directory. The price factor of this particular plugin that literally amazes us. You get all the premium features for only $ 29 (of course with 6 months support) and you don’t have to pay a penny more to use this plugin!

As far as features are concerned, you can display the lists in the form of lists or grids or in a map view. And you can find lists using a variety of methods, such as keywords, category, distance, or location. The plugin is fully responsive and comes with an interactive map (where users can hover and drag) and the option to vote review is not helpful.

Some of the features are: Featured Lists, Multiple Payment Gateways, Options to Comment on Reviews and Photos, etc. All these features make this plugin the best WordPress directory plugin.

7# Toolset Directory

Toolset Directory is one of the best WordPress directory plugins around and is suitable for both beginner and advanced developers. What makes this plugin special is its ability to allow people with no coding experience to create modern directory websites!

You can easily set custom fields, maps with additional filters, paid lists and email notifications. You can also allow your users to search your directory with a variety of custom search filters. The fact that Toolset Directory was created by WPML allows you to easily create a multilingual directory website.

As far as integration is concerned, you can integrate with popular plugins like Elementor, WooCommerce and Yoast SEO.

8# LDD Directory Light

LDD Directory Lite is a great way to easily create a fully custom directory website. This is because the plugin is extremely user friendly – easy to install, configure and move on. One thing that really makes you consider going for this plugin is its compatibility with almost all page builders and theme plugins.

You can easily customize the look and feel of your website, integrate it with Google Maps and display the listings in grid format or compact view. In addition, you can add extensions like Directory Reports and Export, Directory Review, Directory Social Login and some other plugins to make your directory website more sophisticated!

And much more about this LDD Directory Lite WordPress Business Directory plugin. Let’s move on to the pricing sector, shall we? Best WordPress Directory Plugins 2029

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