21 – Best WordPress Newspaper Themes – 2022

Are you looking for a theme that suits the best for writing newspapers?. If so, this article is just right for you as we have gathered some of the best newspaper themes for WordPress.

For newspaper websites, there is a solid need to display the latest and trending news. They should be creative and pleasant to read. WordPress mainly offers countless newspaper themes, and it can be pretty tricky to find the right one for your website.

So in this article, we will share the best-suited WordPress theme you can use for your website and show your viewers the latest and trending news.  Best WordPress Newspaper Themes

Building a Newspaper Website With WordPress

WordPress is an excellent platform for building various types of websites. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced person in building websites, you will find WordPress an effective spread form.

WordPress consists of 2 types; the first is wordpress.com, an entirely hosted platform, whereas the second type, which is wordpress.org, is a self-hosted WordPress. You can check out more differences between wordpress.com and WordPress org if you want.

If you want to make a newspaper website, then wordpress.org will be the best platform. It gives you access to a number of features to build your newspaper website.

You need a domain name and web hosting to start building a website. Sounds confusing? A domain name is the address of your website, for example, abc.com. On the other hand, web hosting stores all the files that make up your website. It includes all the themes, on-page material and lists, and other features that run your website.

To do all of this, we recommend using Bluehost, one of the most prominent hosting platforms in the world. WordPress itself recommends Bluehost for registering a domain name and web hosting.

If you are a Vp beginner, Then you will enjoy good discounts on web hosting, a free SSL certificate, And a free domain name.

Still, you are done with purchasing the hosting; you can search for how to make a newspaper website for your company. But if you have already built a website, you are good to go with reading about the following best themes for a newspaper website.  Best WordPress Newspaper Themes

1 # Astra

astra wordpress theme

Extra is one of the user-friendly WordPress themes made for all types of websites; it is filled with customization options, making it a good choice for magazines and news websites.

The theme allows you to convert your thinking out of the box and bring your imagination into reality. It covers various white page templates and a friendly and straightforward theme panel to assist you in making your newspaper website without knowing to code.

Furthermore, this site helps you rank your website on Google and other search engines. This is because it is designed for good WordPress SEO.

2 # Seedpod

If you are looking for the best landing page builder and a newspaper theme, then seed prod can be the best option. It’s not like the common newspaper themes that you see mostly. Seat fraud allows you to choose a design according to your desire and build it using a seed prod visual builder.

It comes with several templates that assist you in starting building a newspaper website. You can use all the available templates to set up your newspaper website theme and create a design.

The drag and drop functionality of seed prod is another benefit of this theme. It means anyone can make it with just a few clicks without requiring technical skills like coding. It only demands creativity skills and your time and effort to build an eye-catching news website.

3 # Divi

As a feature-rich WordPress theme that allows you to make your newspaper website visually, it works on an advanced page builder, which converts the primary WordPress block editor To bring inconvenience for you to edit your newspaper website easily.

It is rich in providing a great user experience while building websites. You can easily undo, redo, and revise your content in steps. You can also manage the design settings easily, thanks to this theme’s global style and element feature.

4 # Hestia pro

It is a theme designed primarily for newspapers, magazines, and content websites. You are one step away from creating an excellent newspaper website with multiple layout options, themes that are ready to use, and the RTL language support.

It allows you to edit and add a video to the header background. It also works parallel with the WordPress page builder to enable convenient customization.

Using Hestia pro, you get a complete package of all the features that will make the best online news site for you.

5 # Ultra

Ultra also stands among the best newspaper themes available for users. It offers fully functional templates for newspapers and magazines, making it recommended for bloggers.

You can build custom landing pages, an eye-catching layout, and a beautiful website using ultra. All of these features are very simple to use.

You can also create a social network for your news website as ultra is compatible with BuddyPress. So you will be able to create an eye-catching website using ultra.

6 # Ocean wp

Explore this stylish newspaper theme that is filled with features. These are usually paid, but you will also see free demo sites and choose among them.

You will get plenty of custom fonts with background choices and color options. In addition, It has a built-in content installer that allows you to import any template externally and start building using the theme.

Another great feature of ocean WP is that it allows you to open an online store by connecting your website with woo commerce.

7 # Magazine pro

As per its name, magazine pro is a professional-looking website solely made for newspapers and magazines. It is highly customizable and flexible.

Magazine pro offers a sidebar and footer widget area where you can add any desired widgets. The navigation menus in the customizable header area offer beautiful typography as well.

You can complete the theme setup by using the custom options panel. Magazine pro also supports WordPress live customizer.

8 # Noozbeat

It is a modern platform for choosing magazine and newspaper themes. It features separate sections to showcase your content from top to bottom. You can add your articles, latest news, and other content in sections.

You can also display ads on your website using the built-in ad spots. Furthermore, it also has a customizable widget where you can add social media features. The overall theme is quite simple and convenient to operate.

9 # Response

An elegant news theme displays your featured content at the top, whereas you can use the multi-column layout to feature more content.

It also features four different theme skins, adding to the options you can choose from. You have a diverse range of options between header, footer, navigation menus, and icons.

You can start working quickly on this theme and edit it according to your choice, as it features a theme options page to set up your website. Best WordPress Newspaper Themes

10 # Hive

Hive is among the modern newspaper themes with a clear and pleasant to read design. You can easily display your articles and news on the home page as it handles the portrait and landscape images. So formatting the information and images won’t be difficult for you if you go for the hive.

This theme is designed while keeping readability as a top priority. The overall design allows the reader to read clearly without diverting his attention from the content.

There are some beautiful fonts for headings and content. This makes it perfect for newspapers and magazine websites, whereas it is also suitable for bloggers to publish their blogs.

11 # Public Opinion

This theme is designed specifically for WordPress newspapers and magazines. It also features a homepage layout where you can display the main content and trending news in the most beautiful way. The dedicated ad spots are also allocated on the front page, where you can monetize.

With different layout options and categories featured on the home page area, you can add a lot of content to your website. It also gives you a chance to start your online store.

12 # Indigo

Indigo is known for its multi-purpose WordPress theme, which makes it suitable for magazines, newspapers, and blogs. One of the great features of indigo is that its home page features a slideshow where you can display multiple contents simultaneously. You can show your recent articles and blogs. You can also use the slideshow feature to display various latest news.

 Indigo also features multiple widgets that are easy to set up and great to see. Different devices have different purposes, so you can choose the best one you want to show your viewers.

 You can also create your online store on indigo through woo-commerce.

13 # Weston

 If you want power and flexibility from a theme, then Weston searches the best. The multiple theme options that serve different purposes are suitable for all types of websites. You can create any layout according to your imagination through a page builder plugin this theme features.

 In addition, it features a video background, Google phones, and pricing tables that you can customize. With all these great features, you can build a unique design combination on your website.

 14 # Feltmag

Feltman stands among the excellent WordPress themes that are loaded with features. The optional full-screen header forms a great impression on the reader, who can read your articles by scrolling down the screen.

It also has two navigation menus with multiple layouts and header styles. Furthermore, you can also add images and social media icons to your website by using feltmag. All of these features are super easy to use and set up.

15 # Domino Magazine

The domino magazine is a well-designed multifunctional Theme where you can add multiple articles, news, and magazines. With the dynamic visual page builder, you can choose from different color schemes and build according to your imagination.

There are multiple custom widgets that you can add to your website like weather updates, Ads, etc.

Domino magazine theme has the most responsive design that formats it nicely on a mobile screen and desktop.

16 # Wonderwall

Wonderwall is also an excellent WordPress theme with plenty of ready-made home page designs. All of these designs allow you to add multiple contents to your website.

 The custom widget allows the user to discover content and read multiple news. It has specific space for displaying ads, featured content, and more. Wonderwall is an easy-to-use theme where you will find different options to make your website creative.

17 # The Essence

The essence is among the popular themes that professional news publishers mostly use. The images are prominently displayed, and the carousel Slider makes the website more practical.

 There are multiple sections of articles and recent news featured on the homepage, which is a solution if you want a creative and easy-to-use website for your news readers.

18 # Magazine

The magazine theme is made primarily for news and magazines per its name. It gives the reader quick access to the latest news and magazines published recently.

There are multiple layouts on the home page, including three columns, two columns, and full-wide layouts. It also allows you to create your layout with the drag and drop page builder.

Magazine also features dedicated spots to display ads. Like other practical news themes, the magazine also features multiple sidebars and widgets. Overall it is one of the best and most practical news themes available for WordPress.  Best WordPress Newspaper Themes

19 # ColorMag

if you are looking for a free WordPress theme for your news website, then colormap. It is the best option. All of its great features are available for free. You can add different widgets and post the latest news and magazine articles while formatting them beautifully.

Coloring is best for new bloggers and people who want to enter online news websites. It’s a great place to start.

20 # Tinos

It stands among the most practical and straightforward layouts for news websites and magazines. Using this theme, you can add multiple news with images on your home page. The widget ready area allows you to add various widgets.

There are many great themes that you can use for your newspaper website. All of them have features so you can choose the one that matches your needs. After reading about all of the available newspaper themes, you can surely make a better choice of which one will be great for your newspaper website.  Best WordPress Newspaper Themes  newspaper – news & woocommerce wordpress theme

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