The Best Xbox Headsets – Best Xbox Series

Xbox fans will want to pick up a headset for their gaming console, and there are several options. Here’s our selection of the best headsets available right now: The Best Xbox Headsets – Best Xbox Series

1# Astro A50 Gen 4

If you’re looking for a wireless headset that’s capable of delivering 7.1 surround sound, the Astro A50 Gen 4 is the one to go with. The headset comes with USB dongle and two AA batteries, which should last you around 10 hours on a charge before needing to be recharged. You’ll also get an audio cable in the box so that you can connect your Xbox One controller or PS4 controller directly into this particular model of headset.

The Astro A50 Gen 4 has been designed specifically for use with Xbox One consoles as well as PCs (and other gaming platforms). It will work flawlessly with all three systems—meaning no need for additional adapters!

Razer Thresher Ultimate for Xbox One

The Razer Thresher Ultimate for Xbox One is a wireless headset with 7.1 surround sound and 50mm neodymium drivers. It’s also packed with features like diamond-like carbon coating, on-ear controls and a detachable microphone.

The headset has been designed specifically for gaming, but it can also be used for watching movies or listening to music in your home entertainment system.

3# Turtle Beach Stealth 600

The Stealth 600 is the best Xbox headset on the market, hands down. It’s wireless, so you don’t have to worry about tangled cables or getting caught in your controller just as a game starts up. It also features 7.1 surround sound that can be adjusted from the included app (available for both iOS and Android).

The microphone has an automatic mute function that allows you to turn off any noise from interrupting your game when talking into it—no more worries about accidentally yelling at your friend on Skype! And with built-in rechargeable batteries, this headset will last for hours of play time before needing its replacement charge. Plus, there are volume controls built right into each earcup so you can adjust them as needed without having to reach across your body or fumble around inside of your pocket while playing Fortnite Battle Royale mode!

4# Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero

The Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero is one of the best Xbox headsets on the market because it offers wireless and Dolby Digital Surround Sound. It also has an open-mic voice activation feature, which allows you to talk through your headset in order to communicate with other players or teammates during games.

The Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero has a DTS Headphone:X 7.1 Surround Sound system that allows for noise cancellation so users can hear everything around them clearly without any distortion or interference from other sounds around them (such as gunshots). The headset also comes with Dual-Mic Noise Cancellation technology, so even if there are other people talking nearby while playing music or watching movies through their headphones they won’t be able to hear anything else but what they’re listening too!

5# LucidSound LS31

The LucidSound LS31 is a wireless headset with a USB dongle that can be plugged into your Xbox One. It offers 7.1 surround sound, 50mm drivers and 20-hour battery life. The Bluetooth connection means you don’t have to worry about cords getting in the way of gameplay or your other devices like a PC or laptop.

The microphone has noise cancellation technology so it should work well in noisy environments like airplanes and buses (or any noisy place where you want to play music). The frequency response range is 30Hz-15kHz which covers most adult voices in addition to being able to pick up lower frequencies as well as higher ones which makes this an excellent choice for gaming with friends who might not speak English fluently but still want to communicate effectively over voice chats during an intense match!

6# SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless

The SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless is a wireless headset that makes great use of the Xbox One’s built-in stereo system. It also comes with some nice features, including a battery life of up to 20 hours, which is impressive for any gaming headset. The mic quality and sound quality are both very good as well—you’ll be able to hear your opponents clearly and easily communicate with them over voice chat.

The SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless has some other advantages over its competitors: it’s comfortable enough for long sessions without getting too hot on your head; it has an excellent design that looks sleek but doesn’t look out-of-place among other Xbox headsets; there are plenty of extra buttons on this model so you can customize how it feels when using certain games or apps (such as Fortnite); and finally, this particular model comes at a good price point ($150). The Best Xbox Headsets – Best Xbox Series

7# HyperX CloudX Flight

If you’re looking for a wireless and wired headset that has good sound quality, great microphone quality, long battery life, and is easy to set up, the HyperX CloudX Flight is one of the best Xbox headsets around.

It also has a comfortable design that makes it ideal for those who want to use their device for hours on end without feeling fatigued or uncomfortable. The only downside of this headset is its lack of Dolby Atmos support—but if you don’t need this feature in your gaming experience then there aren’t any other major issues with this headset.

8# Razer Nari Ultimate for Xbox One

The Razer Nari Ultimate for Xbox One is one of the best gaming headsets on the market, and it’s not hard to see why. It’s comfortable, lightweight and inexpensive—all things you want from a headset.

The microphone quality is also great: distortion-free audio that sounds clear even when your voice is a little shaky or loud. And with battery life of about 20 hours per charge (and up to 40 hours when gaming), you won’t have to worry about overcharging or running out of juice at inopportune moments.

Another cool feature is that this headset comes with two USB cables: one for charging your phone while playing games on your console; another cable so you can use it as an MP3 player if your favorite songs don’t have lyrics yet! This means there’s no need for expensive adapters either since everything fits together seamlessly into one cable like magic!

9# Sennheiser GSP 670

The Sennheiser GSP 670 is one of the most popular headsets in its class due to its exceptional sound quality, microphone quality, and audio processing. This is a good choice if you want something that will last for years to come and still sound good enough for competitive gaming or other audio applications.

The GSP 670’s ear cups have an ergonomic design that makes them very comfortable over long periods of use; they also have memory foam cushions on the inside which make them feel even better when worn all day long without discomfort or fatigue setting in after just 15 minutes or so!

The headset has a USB Type-C port on one side so you can charge it up quickly using any power source available at home (like your laptop). There are also five LED indicators on each ear cup which tell you what mode they’re currently in: mute/volume down/volume up/mic mute/mic volume down respectively (more details below).

These headsets all have something that makes them great, whether it’s comfort, audio quality or overall features.

This headset is the best Xbox headset for most people because it’s wireless and has an awesome design. The sound quality is also really good, but you may want to make sure that you can hear your teammates before buying this one since it’s not loud enough to be heard over other noises in a game room or living room with open windows. It’s also pretty expensive at $120, so if you’re on a budget, consider another option below!

This one has great reviews from customers who say they love how comfortable these headsets are while gaming at home or out on the go! They fit over glasses well too—just be careful not to scratch them up against anything sharp while wearing them during play sessions where there might be some danger involved (like fighting). The Best Xbox Headsets – Best Xbox Series

These headsets all have something that makes them great, whether it’s comfort, audio quality or overall features. If you’re looking for a new headset to use with your Xbox One, then one of these seven should be right for you! The Best Xbox Headsets – Best Xbox Series

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