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Our company has been offering this content writing course for the last five years in which you will be told what you need to take care of while writing content and if you want to do freelancing this course This course will teach you how to write SEO friendly content and how to research for it and how we can write the best content and what is in it. It is important to mention which words are taken care of and especially to make sure that the reader understands what you are saying inside the content. content writing course in Islamabad

This new course is for students who want to make money at home. This course will prepare students for a variety of writing assignments. As you can make money by writing different types of articles, Nowadays, there is a huge demand for people to write different types of content for websites, news, and international levels for which people are willing to pay top dollar. This course requires that your English and grammar be good. so that you can succeed in this field. Content Writing Course in Islamabad

Content Writing Course Outline

  • Introduction to Content Writing
  • What You Will Learn In This Course
  • Tips To Use This Course Effectively And Get Maximum Benefit From It
  • Basic Concepts: Understanding Content Writing
  •  Origin And Need Of Content Writing
  • Increasing Demand For Content Writers
  • Career In Content Writing: What To Expect
  • Types Of Content
  • Content Writing Simplified
  • Number 1 Tactic To Write Awesome Content
  • Steps to Write Engaging Content
  • Optimizing Content for Search Engine Optimization
  • Using On-Page Search Engine Optimization For Optimizing Content
  • Using Off-Page Search Engine Optimization For Optimizing Content
  • What Is Website And Why It Is Essential?
  • Pillars of a web-content – What makes web content effective
  • Adding value to content – How to make the content look good?
  • Format – Discussing the format of web content
  • Client brief – In the context of website content
  • How and Why use Keywords
  • How to write effective Meta Tags & descriptions for SEO
  • Types of Article writing
  • Essentials of article writing
  • Why writing articles is important for businesses
  • Common mistakes while writing articles
  • Differences between News articles, blogs, academic articles, marketing articles and research
  • Characteristics of a well-written article
  • What is a blog? – Introduction to a blog
  • Types of blogs – Personal blogs, corporate or business blogs, and blogs by genre
  • Advantages of writing a blog
  • How and where to start blogging
  • Why is blogging popular? – Why do people choose blog writing
  • Comparison between local blogs v/s international blogs
  • Dos and Don’ts of a blog – Things to include and not to include in the blog.
  • Practical Tips To Overcome Challenges In Your Career
  • Qualities Of A Successful Content Writer
  • 9 Serious Mistakes To Avoid As A Writer
  • Proofreading your work
  • Use of software
  • Plagiarism
  • Revising and Conclusion
  • Writing Tasks & Feedback
  • Simple Steps To Write Awesome Content
  • How to Optimize Content For Ranking In Search Engines?
  • Working with international clients and they are brief
  • Assignments and Practice sessions

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What is Content Writing

Content writing is a type of content marketing that involves creating written content for your business. This can include things like press releases, blog posts, ebooks, white papers, articles, etc. Content writers are often hired by businesses to create these types of pieces. There are many different ways to write content, but some of the most common ones include:

We are launching a new course in this course Content Writing for Websites we will teach you how to write content for blog posts, inline articles and product descriptions and SEO. Be able to write any type of content especially this course is in high demand in freelancing and people after doing this course will be able to write any type of content. Content Writing Course in Islamabad – Content Writing For Blogging   course you will learn different types of the content writing, Basic English learning, Sentence structure, Technical writing skills, Unique Article writing, Proposal writing, Blogging, Copywriting,

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