5 Great Ways to Earn 1 Lakh Per Month Online

If you want to earn 1 lakh rupees then first of all you need to be able to earn 1 lakh rupees first thing if you want to earn 1 lakh rupees every month by doing job. Remove this thought from your mind, because in the current situation of our country, if the less educated people are unemployed, 5 Great Ways to Earn 1 Lakh Per Month Online

Now, in such a situation, you cannot sit on your hands, you have to do something, what can you do, you are not getting a job, let alone start a business, there is not much money to do business, there is no investment. So do a small business, remember one thing, no work is small, the sooner you understand this, the better it will be for you.

In today’s article you will be told some things by doing which you can earn 1 lakh per month, I am not saying that you will start earning 1 lakh from the first month, but it must You will start earning 1 lakh per month within three to four months.

Now I have divided these tasks into two parts, first is that you do some work online and earn money, second is that you start a business and start earning 1 lakh per month from it,

How to earn one lakh rupees per month by working online

1# Freelancing

What is Freelancing as a Career

Through online freelancing you can earn more than one lakh per month to succeed in the freelancing field you need to be proficient in any computer skill like web designing, video editing, content writing, graphics. Apart from designing, there are many other things that you can do to earn money through freelancing.

2 # Blogging

One lakh rupees can be earned every month by creating a blog or website, money can also be earned by buying and selling websites, you can also create websites for others, you can create your own blog and use it. You can do affiliate marketing through Google Adsense and earn money through Google Adsense.

3# YouTube

YouTube is Working on an App

You can create a YouTube channel on any topic through which you can earn money by doing Google AdSense as well as affiliate marketing and paid promotions. After a few months of hard work, you can earn thousands of rupees or even millions of rupees every month from YouTube. can.

4# Business

There are dozens of business ideas that you can easily earn one lakh rupees per month by working on them, let me tell you about a few,

If you have an investment of one lakh to five lakh rupees, you can build a general store, make a burger and juice point, set up a soap or soap making plant, take distribution of a company.

Clothes or shoes can be sold by creating a Facebook page, for this you don’t even need to create a shop, just create a Facebook page, create a brand of your own, design a logo and Facebook cover photo accordingly, and create a business. get started,

5# Mobile Shop.

If you live in a village or villages where desi ghee, pickles, jam, honey are easily available then you can earn good money every month by selling these things online.

Remember one thing, no work or business becomes successful overnight but after months and years of hard work, so keep working hard and leave the result  5 Great Ways to Earn 1 Lakh Per Month Online

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