Ebay Course in Rawalpindi – Islamabad – e commerce

We will teaching you how to list and sell things on eBay using natural (SEO) and paid marketing tactics in this eBay training program (PPC). Additionally, you will learn how to set up an eBay account from Pakistan, manage stocks, improve web businesses, and increase sales. Our experienced eBay marketing specialists will share their best practices and business-growing techniques with you. This training course is suitable for all circumstances, irrespective of whether your goal is to sell your goods on eBay or develop a career as an expert in eBay marketing. You will receive an eBay Certificate once you have completed successfully this eBay training course. We provide Ebay training courses both offline and online (in-class). Enroll Today! This course ebay course in Rawalpindi and Islamabad

Ebay Course Outline

  • introduction to EBay
  • Advertising on EBay
  • Sign-up process of EBay store,
  • Creation of sellers/
  • EBay products Management program
  • List and active products
  • How to upload product manually
  • Products listing
  • Products optimization
  • Categories
  • Ways to upload Html, Images,
  • title and description
  • Listing of single product
  • Conversion tracking,
  • EBay best practices for increase sells
  • Store and order Management
  • Review and Rating
  • Create local and international
  • Learn multiple ways to increase
  • Reporting and tracking section
  • EBay paid (PPC)
  • Aggressive marketing and get quick results and on EBay
  • EBay Organic and Paid both marketing strategies

Ebay Course Fee : 25000/-

Ebay Course in Rawalpindi Call # 0332-5649993

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