Fiverr Tutorial in Urdu – Latest and Updated – 2024

Fiverr is a freelance marketplace that connects buyers and sellers. There are lots of people who work on this website and earn a lot of money by selling their services. You can also use fiverr to find gigs yourself, but it’s not easy as you might think! In this article we will explain everything about working with fiverr – how it works, what kind of projects you can take on there, which keywords should be used etc… Fiverr Tutorial in Urdu Fiverr is the best place to make money on the internet. It was founded in 2010, and it has been growing rapidly ever since. There are thousands of people who use this platform to gain extra income from their spare time, whether it be from doing small tasks like writing or designing a logo or creating an e-book for someone else’s business – or even selling their own services as a freelancer!

There are so many things that you can do on Fiverr these days; everything from writing articles/blogs for others (including myself), taking photos and videos for others’ projects, doing graphic design work etc… The great thing about this platform is that there are so many different types of gigs available within different categories such as advertising campaigns & social media ads which means everyone has something different they can offer other users instead of just being stuck into one niche area only being able

Fiverr Tutorial – How to Make Money on Fiverr

Fiverr is a website that lets you sell your services or products for $5. It’s like Craigslist but you have a higher chance of getting paid because there are more buyers and sellers on the site than in Craigslist.

Fiverr is one of the biggest websites in India that provides services by freelancers from all over the world who want to earn money online by selling their work on this platform.

You can create an account with fiverr once you’ve signed up for it, but if you don’t want to spend money on creating an account then there are other ways through which you can make some good money without spending anything at all:

Create Gigs or offers

You can sell whatever it is that makes sense for your business and then people will buy them from within fiverr itself! These gigs/offers include things like logo design services, website development etc., so make sure to check out what kind of offer would fit best into each niche market before creating one yourself!

Promote Your Gig

After posting up an offer for someone else’s product/service online (like Amazon), chances are high enough that someone else will come along soon afterwards looking for something similar so when they do find something similar enough already posted somewhere else online already…they’ll probably click over immediately instead of wasting time scrolling through pages upon pages trying find exactly what they’re interested in buying.”

Is Fiverr Worth It?

Fiverr is a great way to make money. You can make a ton of cash on fiverr and in no time at all. If you want to make tons of money as quickly as possible, then this is the company for you!

How to Create Fiverr Gig

  • Click on the gig type you want to create.
  • Add a title and description to your gig.
  • Choose a category, delivery method and payment method for your gig.
  • Add prices for each service or item (if applicable). If there are multiple services in one item, then select which one should be selected as the base price and all others will be added automatically based on this value plus any additional fees such as taxes or shipping costs that may apply depending on where they live or what they’re selling).
  • Select whether you’d like to offer files or not (files can include images/videos). You’ll also want to indicate whether there’s an estimated time estimate for completing this project; if so then state how long it should take (e.g., 2 hours).

Fiverr is a great platform where you can make money online. It’s the best way to make money on the internet, but it can be hard to get started if you don’t know what you are doing.

We have created this tutorial in Urdu, Hindi and English so that everyone can learn how to use fiverr for their business or personal needs!

How I Generated $5,000 from FIVERR within 2 months

Fiverr is a great platform to start a side hustle. It is the best place where you can get started with your online business. If you are looking for ways to make money on Fiverr, then this article will help you in making more earnings through this platform.

This article covers all aspects of how I generated $5,000 from FIVERR within 2 months (FIVERR tutorial in Urdu- Details).

How To get Sales on Fiverr | My 3 Secret Tips

  • Do a lot of research on the product you’re selling. You need to know what your target audience wants, how they feel when they think about it and why they will buy it.
  • Create a product that people will want to buy. This means creating something that is unique, useful and attractive enough for people to want to pay money for it (even if it’s not much).
  • Create a product that you’re passionate about! Your passion should drive each step of your business so don’t be afraid of calling yourself out here – remember: this is your dream job!
  • Create something which has potential for growth through adding new features or improving existing ones based on customer feedback (this could even be something small like changing the color scheme). The key here is having some flexibility in terms of what type of work gets done/how quickly because sometimes things take longer than expected due lack time constraints which causes delays during production times.”

How to Make Money on fiverr – $4,000 in a month! (fiverr tutorial in urdu)

You are probably wondering how to make money on Fiverr. It’s a common question that I’ve heard from many people who want to earn money online and become an internet entrepreneur or freelancer. If you’re one of those people, then this article will help you understand the process of making money with fiverr.

First off, let me start by saying that there is no secret formula or easy trick to follow in order to get sales on fiverr. However, there are some things which can help increase your chances of getting more sales and making more money from your gigs! Here are some tips for getting more sales:

You can Create a Successful Side hustle on fivver

If you’re looking to make some extra cash, fiverr is a great way to do it. Fiverr allows you to create an online business that anyone can do from their phone or couch. The services offered on fiverr are varied and there are opportunities for everyone in the world of work-from-home jobs (like writing articles or doing graphic design).

Here’s how it works: You list your services on Fiverr and then accept jobs through this platform by posting them here on our blog! When someone hires you for their project, they pay 5$ per gig so if they hire 5 gigs from us then we get 100$ from each client which adds up pretty fast when we consider having multiple gigs going at once!


If you want to learn more about Fiverr, then I recommend that you check out my website where I teach you how to create your own gig on Fiverr. This site also includes videos and articles on how to make money from fiverr as well as other methods used by other people who have success with this platform. Fiverr Tutorial in Urdu – Latest and Updated – 2024

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