Google Ads Course in Islamabad – 100% Practical

Google Ads is an Advertising platform that allows you to boost visitors to your website by displaying ads online. Google Ads allows you to choose how your adverts appear and is flexible, making it more suitable for businesses of all sizes. You may increase traffic to your website, improve sales, and build brand awareness with Google Ads and a smart SEO marketing approach. Google Ads Course in Islamabad

Google Ads course takes you from the Google Ads basics to advanced concepts. Understand how to conduct different Google Ads experiments using various Google Ads tools. Learn how to distinguish between opportunities available for organic & paid listings. By the end of the course, you will learn how to drive more sales for your business using the Google Ads platform. we offer a google ads course in Rawalpindi .

Google Ads Course Outline

Module 1: PPC

Module 2: Google AdWords

  • How do Google Know Which Ads to Display?
  • Important Factors in Search Ads
  • Advantages of AdWords

Module 3: Bidding and Quality Score

  • Determine a Bid Strategy Based on Goals
  • Types of Quality Score

Module 4: Quality Score Factors

  • Improving Quality Score
  • How to Increase Quality Score?

Module 5: Keyword Match Types

  • How Keyword Match Types Work?

Module 6: Competitor Research

  • Introduction
  • Tools

Module 7: Writing Adverts

  • Write Successful Text Ads

Module 8: Google Keyword Planner

  • Instructions Related to the Keyword Planner
  • Filtering Keywords from your Keyword Plan

Module 9: Initiating an Ad Campaign

  • Stages for Initiating a Successful Ad Campaign

Module 10: Google AdWords Account

  • Steps are Followed for Creating a Google AdWords Account

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What is Google Ads

Google ads are advertisements that appear on your search results page. They can be organic or paid. Organic ads are free but have limitations on how many impressions they can generate per day. Paid ads allow you to target specific keywords and demographics.

Do google ads work for Small Business?

When it comes to targeting keywords and targeting relevant online audiences, Google Ads may be very useful for small businesses. Because millions of citizens use Google every day to look for goods and services, using Google Advertising to reach a product or service can be a wonderful method for a company to reach out to people who are looking for something similar. The quality of the technology and services, the keywords the business chooses to bid on, and their tactics for targeting the proper clients online all play a role in the success of Google Ads for a small business. Small businesses that operate largely or fully online, businesses with a high lifetime value (LTV), and businesses that can benefit from important strategy or online search can all benefit from Google Ads. Google Ads Course in Islamabad – 100% Practical

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