Google Updates Image Structured Data

Google’s new Image Structured Data will allow you to include more information in the Keyword fields of your data. Google Updates Image Structured Data

When you are ready to upload your image, Google will ask you a series of questions it needs to know so that it can appropriately categorize and search for your images. These questions might be: what is the subject of this image? What is the title of this image? When was this photo taken?

In addition, be sure to provide an Alt Text description for each photo that contains descriptive words that would identify the content within the photo.

The new Image Structured Data protocol also offers improved searching by tailoring results for different browsers and giving users a more accurate idea about what they are clicking on before they click through on an image.

This update to Google’s Structured Data Image Markup makes it easier for content to be indexed and ranked in Google’s Search Engine Result Pages.

Google announced this update on the Google Webmaster Central Blog on March 20, 2019. On the blog, they give us three ways that this update is an improvement to their Structured Data Image Markup tool: 1) With this update, authors no longer need to duplicate markup across images. 2) It will now be possible for authors to provide a fallback URL if they want the image they upload to replace other images in search results. 3) The new markup can be used as site wide markup and not just for individual images.

Google also reminds us that previously published content will also receive these updates automatically without authors having to do anything different.

Google has said that Chrome will now show a warning icon for any site with missing Structured Data Image Markups when you visit the site in Chrome

The introduction to Google updates Image Structured Data will be persuading the reader on what it is, why it is important and how it can help them in their business.

Google has announced that they are updating Image Structured Data in order to make finding images easier than ever before. What this update will do is provide users with a high level of context about the photo they are looking at and give them more information about the photo so they can make an informed decision. They have also announced that this change will allow for photos to rank better in Google Search. Google Updates Image Structured Data

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