Hotel Management Course in Rawalpindi – Islamabad

Hotel and tourism is regarded as the world’s largest and most thriving industry, providing the most amount of revenue. As the largest industry, it also provides the most work opportunities as well as the broadest scope and prospects. We warmly invite you to join our dynamic international team of travel agents. Hotel Management Course in Rawalpindi

Hotel Management Course Contents

  • Hotel & Restaurant Management
  • FOH (Front of House)
  • Housekeeping / Food Safety/ Food Costing/ Sales & Marketing
  • Communication Skills (English)/ CSR / GRO/
  • Lobby Manager/ Hotel Accounting

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Hotel management is a career that has been around since the beginning of time. There are many different types of hotels from luxury resorts to budget motels. This course will cover everything from how to start your own hotel business to tips on running a successful hotel.

How to Start Your Own Hotel Business

In this video, I discuss what it takes to open your own hotel. In addition to providing information about the requirements needed to get started, I also share some of my personal experience in starting my own hotel company.

Tips On Running A Successful Hotel

I give you several tips on how to make money without breaking the bank. You can use these strategies along with the advice provided in the previous videos to help you run a profitable hotel. Hotel Management Course in Rawalpindi

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