How to Create a Custom Homepage in WordPress – 2023

Under the homepage settings” section, go ahead and select the “A static page”option. Then choose your custom homepage from the drop down menu for ‘Homepage’. Once that’s done, save your changes and visit your website to see the new custom homepage in action. How to Create a Custom Homepage in WordPress

By default, WordPress displays your blog posts on the front page. However, as a business website, you will want to create a more attractive homepage that will help users find what they need and increase your sales conversions.

The main purpose of the homepage is to users to your website or business. Ideally, it should provide users with important information about your business, so that they can continue to search other pages on your site.

You can extend the available blocks with the Gutenberg Block Plugin to add more blocks to your arsenal. These plugins allow you to use advanced elements such as testimonials, sliders, services, and other common design features.

We recommend using Beaver Builder as it is the most basic friendly page builder plugin on the market. It comes with dozens of custom homepage templates that you can install with one click.

Once installed, you can edit the template using the Point and Click tools. You can replace content and images with your own content, and even enhance the template by adding more modules, widgets and sections. Make Money Online With WordPress

Create a Page from a WordPress template

The ideal landing page will help you reduce bounce rates and increase traffic and conversion rates. But, sometimes you may wonder how I can customize my homepage in WordPress? Here in this post we are going to go through a guide to create custom homepage on WordPress website.

The main function of the homepage is to introduce people to your website or company. Therefore, it is ideal to provide readers with important information about your company so that they can continue browsing other pages of your website.

Let’s say you have a business website. Therefore the default homepage does not tell visitors about your company, products or services. It also does not allow users to contact you. The good news is that WordPress already has a custom homepage feature.

The starting point will be the one that gets the most attention. This is where you need to impress your visitors. A beautiful and unique WordPress homepage can do anything from captivating visitors to encouraging them to interact with your site.

Custom WordPress Home Page

You can easily turn your blog into a website, with a stable homepage that people will visit every time. Combine the homepage with other static pages and some custom menus to help viewers navigate, and before you say “I told you so!” You will have a website.

Start by creating the page you want to use as your homepage. Go to My SitesPagesAdd. It’s called “home.” Don’t worry about writing it yet – we’re just setting up your website here. Put some placeholders in the text if you want.

Now, go back to My Sites → Pages & create another blank page and name it something like “News”, or “Blog”, or “Posts”, a name that will help you remember. That this page is in it. In which your entries will appear.

Now when you go to your web address, you will see your new homepage instead of blog posts. Sure, you’ll see a blank page or blank text, but still. You have created a website. very well.

WordPress Page Template

Twenty Twelve was the first official WordPress default theme to include a custom homepage option instead of the standard blog excerpt homepage template. Some people see this as Matt Mullen’s intention to show how WordPress is more than just a blogging platform, but the fact is that you can use custom homepage for your blog. In fact, many people encourage it.

The fact is that many websites and blogs use the homepage to do more than just advertise their latest blog post, so there is definitely some logic behind your thinking. In this post I want to explore the advantages and disadvantages of using a landing page vs. a custom landing page.

The first step is to decide what your homepage will be. You can do this by creating a new page where you can put whatever you want. You can also use custom page templates to make your homepage more attractive (today many themes come with custom page templates specifically for your homepage). WordPress Tutorial in Urdu 

You’ll also want to create a page to display posts (although you won’t use it for your homepage, it will probably be useful elsewhere). To do this, just create another blank page and give it a proper header.

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