How to Create a Successful YouTube Channel – Simple Guide – 2023

If you are a new youtuber then you are worried about views and subscribers when my youtube channel will be full of subscribers and when my youtube channel monetization will be on after 4000 hours of watch time every person works hard and uploads videos on YouTube channel and gets frustrated when he doesn’t get good results, while some people get frustrated and quit working on YouTube, How to Create a Successful YouTube Channel – Simple Guide –

What follows are seven musts for a successful YouTube Channel.

  1. Channel Banner. Once people get to your YouTube Channel, the first thing they see is your channel banner. …
  2. Introduction Video. …
  3. Optimized Playlists. …
  4. Defined Channel Keywords. …
  5. Custom URL. …
  6. Channel Description. …
  7. ‘Connect with Me’ Template.

If you are a new YouTuber and you are also worried about watch time and subscribers then don’t worry today’s article will tell you some ways that you can follow to make your channel successful within few months and You will also get good subscribers so what have you done?

First of all you have to check if your channel name is unique or not, if not then make your channel name a little unique and then put a nice logo of your YouTube channel, it will make your YouTube channel look a little more professional. Be sure to put the channel art of your YouTube channel because whenever a new person visits your channel for the first time, they subscribe to your channel even after seeing the logo and channel art.

Professionally design the thumbnail of whatever video you upload. It doesn’t matter if it takes you an hour to design a thumbnail, design it because the first thing you need to do is the thumbnail of any video. That makes people click on your videos so design the thumbnails well,

Make social media accounts of your YouTube channel a must as this will build your brand and your subscribers will follow you on other platforms as well. Also, your YouTube channel will be promoted and you can also earn money by monetizing Facebook page videos.

Tik Tok and Snack Video app are used a lot by people, create your account on Tik Tok and Snack Video also and upload short videos, this will also give you good subscribers if there is someone who has Tik Tok. If he has more followers on talk or snack videos, then when he creates a YouTube channel, he will be successful quickly and his channel will also get more views because he already has a fan following and people know him.

There are some people who make their videos unnecessarily long, which can be made in five minutes, making it ten to fifteen minutes. By doing this, people think that the watch time will increase, but it does not happen. People start to feel bored with the content, so make the video as long as you can easily understand the point without repeating the same thing over and over again.

Also send videos to friends and relatives when they watch your videos so that they are not interested in your videos and you send them the link and they close the video after watching it for a few seconds. The average watch time on your video will decrease and in the eyes of YouTube, that video will be garbage and YouTube will not bring such videos in front of others. Waves are more likely to occur,

Most importantly and lastly keep making videos and uploading them because if you have decided that you want to work on YouTube then don’t worry about the views not getting the subscribers or your work. Make videos and upload them, keep uploading, inshallah your channel will definitely be successful, you will get millions of subscribers and earn millions of rupees every month, just keep working hard and keep improving your work. How to Create a Successful YouTube Channel – Simple Guide –

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