What is Fiverr? How to Get First Order on Fiverr?

What is Fiver?

Fiver is a platform where you can earn thousands of dollars from home by selling your services online. Since these jobs are often done by people from foreign countries, they all pay you in dollars.

How to Get Your first order on Fiverr?

  1. Select your Right Services
  2. Post Your Gig
  3. Right Services
  4. Best Time Your Gig
  5. Right Image
  6. Create Multiple Gigs
  7. First Order on Fiverr

1# How to Get First Order on fiver?

How to get your first order on Fiverr is a common problem faced by freelancers. In today’s article we will try to guide you and let you know about the steps that will help you get your first order easily.

2# Choosing the Right Service

Spend some time researching which services are in high demand on Fiverr and find a service that suits you best. Generally, designing work and essay writing are really popular services. But find something that is comfortable for you. For example, if you are not good at designing then don’t choose to offer this service even though it is popular.

3#Best Time to Post Your Gig

Fiverr has a “new seller” section for most categories to give newbies a chance to earn some money. So once you post your gig for the first time, you will be listed in that thread for a few hours or days. This will be the best opportunity for you to get your first order.

Think about when buyers will need your services. For example, if your target customers are corporate (eg copywriting, web analytics, etc.), it’s best to post your gig on a weekday. Likewise, if your target customers are customers who might want to draw portraits, weekends may be a better time.

4# Choosing the Right image

Put a picture on your gig that makes you look professional. Unlike Facebook, add customer-grabbing text on Fiver that helps sell your service. Think about how you can stand out from the thousands of other gigs out there. And if you can, include some of your past work in your gig to give buyers more confidence.

Many freelancers on Fiverr don’t offer a 24-hour delivery timeline as a default gig. Most use at least a couple of days by default. If you want expedited delivery, you will have to pay extra. Since you’re new (and if you have the time), you can offer a 24-hour delivery period for your gig, so that work can begin. And when the work starts i.e. the orders start coming in, you can set your desired delivery time on Gig.

5#Create Multiple Gigs

A friend started by just posting a gig on Fiverr and didn’t get an order for a year. Then recently he added another gig on Fiverr and got an order. Basically the more gigs you have, the more likely someone will view your account. And since posting gigs is free, post more than one gig and you can make up to seven gigs if you’re a new seller.

6#Your First Order on Fiverr

Once you get your first order and successfully fulfill and deliver that order, you start placing more orders. Simply put, you start getting orders faster after that.

Usually if you provide quality work, the buyer will be happy to give you good ratings and positive comments. Having these kind of comments helps your sales a lot.

If you have some money, hire someone who will give you positive ratings and comments. Although this is not the correct process, it will speed up the time it takes to get the first two orders.

So step into the world of freelancing by creating an account on Fiver today and start earning money from home. If you want to create an account on Fiver, click here. How to Get First Order on Fiverr?

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