How to Get Thousands of Views on New YouTube Channel?

The problem with so many new youtubers is that the views on our channel are not coming or not coming. I’m going to tell you, but the condition is that you have to follow these words of mine, then you can go and get views. Not thousands but millions of views will start coming to your channel. How to get thousands of views on new YouTube channel?

If you want to make your new channel a success and get thousands if not millions of views, then you have to follow the current trend of your country, ie make videos on what is in trend, your videos in making videos on trending topic. There are more chances of it going viral. For example, in the coming days when the new year is about to start, make videos about it. Similarly, if there is a problem going on in Pakistan, whether it is the government or the people make videos on it, such showbiz industry can make videos about celebrities.

You can use Google Trends or Twitter to see the trends. From there you will know what is trending in Pakistan. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Views may also appear on your video.

Numerous people have seen newcomers to YouTube and just a few days ago, the only problem they have is that our videos don’t get views, we don’t get subscribers, we don’t have enough watch time and many of them If you shut down a YouTube channel or lose your YouTube channel using a number of tricks, etc., then if you want to make YouTube your career and earn a living from it, then work on it with patience and perseverance. Believe that YouTube will give you more money than you think.

Have you ever wondered that today people who are earning millions of rupees from YouTube or whose subscribers are in millions and millions of views are coming, they also started their channel with zero subscribers and they also got views in the early days. They did not come but they continued their work with patience and today they are reaping the fruits of their labor. Look, Allah never fails those who work hard. You will not fail.

If you want to be successful on YouTube, you don’t have to ask people to promote my channel, quietly do your research, find out what people are looking for or what they want to see, make videos on these topics so that you can Finding Good Views Most of you have seen people come to YouTube without thinking and make videos that come to mind and then say that views do not come.

Along with search, you also have to keep in mind that if you are new to YouTube, then you have to resort to social media to get views in the beginning, that is, you have to get some views by sharing your videos on social media. Because you are new to YouTube right now, no one knows you, so you will only get some views by sharing your videos on social media to increase the watch time of your videos and then YouTube itself will promote your videos with other people. Do. Many newcomers have misconceptions about social media sharing

It is a misunderstanding that by doing so our channel does not grow and by doing so we do not consider watch time. You can share on media, but don’t share so much that social media bans your YouTube link

News is often trending and gets millions of views in a single day. There are countless other topics that are often trending, such as dramas, movies and comedy videos. In the last 5 years till today I have never seen any tutorial video in the trending section. Whenever we see either a funny video is in trend or movies, dramas or news videos are in trending section. Are visible.

So if you want to start a channel or have already done so try to go to the entertainment category because such videos are also viral quickly and all kinds of people are watching at any time. Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about our channel. I will also get millions of views. When this does not happen, put it on another point and think, then his destiny is with him and your destiny is with you. Allah has given you.

On the contrary, I call YouTube a game of luck because not every person comes here and starts earning millions of rupees. Here only those who are patient are successful and those who are hardworking are successful if you can be patient and work hard. So you won’t find a good platform anywhere from YouTube. Let’s work on a good topic here and start YouTube part time. Allah will surely make you people successful. How to get thousands of views on new YouTube channel?

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