How to Install WordPress in Cpanel – Complete Guide

WordPress is the most popular software for building a website, and it’s pretty much easier to install. Here we will share the tutorial on the installation of WordPress in CPanel. It’s a user-friendly platform designed to make it convenient for users to manage their web hosting accounts. CPanel allows the website to manage WordPress. Managing domain names, database connections, and email accounts becomes easier with cPanel. Have a look at the steps to install WordPress in Cpanel.

What is CPanel?

WordPress is the most well-known and used website platform where website owners need to learn about the cPanel of WordPress. It’s an online Linux-based GUI used to control, manage, organize and improve the WordPress website. CPanel allows you to publish the website, manage the domain, and organize data on the website. It is provided by various companies with the same technology and performs the same job. CPanel is the most popular control panel in the USA. Usually, it comes with several web hosting packages, and cPanel consist of two interfaces. Both of them offer users more flexibility. The first interface is cPanel itself and the second one is the server management interface called Web host Manager. Both of these interfaces are combined and integrated with tools.

How to Register a Domain name?

People who have developed a website locally or have planned to make a website should keep in mind two things domain name and web hosting. Create a personal blogging website, and people who have a business need to know about it. To install WordPress in cPanel, people need to know about registering a domain. Here, Domain Name is the website’s address that users will use to access. Getting a domain name of your choice would be very much useful and you can use it for different reasons. Domain names are registered with the non-profit organization ICANN. Domain name registrations include a registration fee for a year, and you need to renew the domain every year.

How to Get Web hosting?

People who have already registered the name need to get web hosting for the website. This is a service that provides space for the website. People who want to publish online need to get a hosting web service. Web hosting services store your website in high-powered computers called web servers. It is connected to a high-speed network. There are three basic types of web hosting such as:

Shared Hosting

Web hosting is a single server that hosts multiple websites, and for each account, the server has a limit on using disk space to store websites, databases, and bandwidth. Shared hosting is cheap and suitable for small and medium websites.

Virtual Private Servers

In VPS administrator has root access to VPS and can host single or multiple websites as per the need. This hosting such as the Linux server, is segregated into several parts, and each part acts as a different server. Such types of hosting are recommended for medium and large website structures. The cost of VPS is higher than shared hosting but lower than dedicated hosting.

Dedicated Server

Here the whole server is rented to the user, where the user can host an extensive website on this server. He can use it to host multiple websites on the server. Dedicated server cost high, and it requires a server admin to manage this hosting. Admin can create multiple VPS.
Why CPanel Makes The Web Hosting Control Panel?

Popular web hosting control panels are well known as cPanel. It is full of impressive features that help your brand get recognition online. To install WordPress in cPanel, you can establish the system administrators, easy installation, and other things which could make the cPanel the best web hosting control panel.

Easy Installation

Well, this is the most special feature of cPanel. It is easy to install and use. All you need is 20 GB of disk space and start running the system. When you install the cPanel on the computer, you can enjoy the simple GUI, which allows the user to manage their daily task with a few clicks. It is easy to use, which no one needs to worry about, and requires a dedicated IT team to manage the online control.


CPanel gives compatibility because it is compatible with a wide range of browsers, whether you are using an Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, or Mozilla Firefox. You won’t have any problem with running cPanel. The system can also support third-party add-on software, perfect for building dynamic websites. Shopping carts or blogging websites can be created with cPanel. The compatibility of cPanel has made it impressive for all those companies who want to install this. If you want to grow your website’s online presence, then you can install WordPress in cPanel.


There is a chance when you need to move the website to another host, and there are several reasons for this. If you want to switch hosting providers, numerous hosting options are expensive. Everyone prefers to look for something affordable, so let me add here cPanel is the best portable solution with excellent features. It means you can quickly transfer the website from one hosting provider to another.


Reliability comes first, and you need to trust some best control panel solutions when it comes to showing a better online presence. It isn’t easy to achieve complete reliability from any tool, but cPanel comes with features that have made it easier to access peace of mind. The only drawback is that cPanel automatically restarts the service and the latest version comes with a clustering system to deliver hassle-free performance.

Flexible Database Management

You can design your MySQL database and use the system from creating to modifying tables. Everyone wants to fit in all control panels. Here is the option of importing the files into the database and using the PHP MyAdmin to back up the entire system.

Email Functions

CPanel comes with features that allow the creation of an email forwarding system, such as changing passwords for users and easy filtering out spam emails. We all want to keep our team members connected with email then cPanel has email functions available, which is a great way. It’s essential to find out the business with professionals, and cPanel has various email solutions. You can design and modify the email account so that people can be removed who have already left the company.

Website Maintenance

A huge range of security solutions creates secure passwords to block or allow specific IP addresses. There are different types of solutions on cPanel which allow to maintain the website properly and provide more security over the website. With cPanel, you can install or uninstall the extension for creating new error pages for a website.

Installation of WordPress in CPanel-2022

WordPress is a popular content management system which has million of websites. It is secure, reliable, easy to use, and customization. You can directly install the WordPress in cPanel with a few clicks only through the Softaculous apps installer. All you need to do is to follow these steps for installation.

Step 1: Click blogs in the left menu to find WordPress.

Step 2: It will take you to WordPress Overview, click Install, and land on the installer interface.

Step3: Here, you will be asked for some configurations such as:

Choose Protocol:

Choose the Protocol of the WordPress Website where you can use http or https with or without www. If you choose https, an SSL certificate needs to be installed on the website. You can change the settings later in WordPress setting later when you feel it is required.

Choose Domain:

Install the WordPress in the root domain or subdomain you created and choose from the dropdown menu.

In Directory: Choose the folder where you wish to install the WordPress and if you want to install it on the root website, keep this field empty.

Site Name: Add name to your website

Site Description: It provides a short description of the website

Enable Multi site: If checked, then it installs a WordPress network installation.

Admin Username/Password:

Enter the administrator user name and password, which you will require to login to the admin panel later.

Admin Email:

Here, you need to install the email address on which you want to receive the necessary notifications related to WordPress.

Select Language: Choose the language for WordPress Installation.

Database Name:

Specify a custom database name for the WordPress database where you can leave the setting.

Table Prefix:

People who will use the same database for more than one installation then specify the table prefix here.

Upgrade Options:

You can choose the auto upgrade option for WordPress CMS, installed theme, or installed plugins. Select the appropriate options.

Select theme:

If you select any theme here, the Softaculous apps installer will auto install that theme. If you don’t choose any theme, a clean WordPress Installation will be done.
Step 4: Click install to install the CMS on the website. On successful installation, you will be given the structure and admin panel links.

How To Secure CPanel?

Keep CPanel Updated

Make sure you people are upgrading the cPanel to the latest version. There are chances of possible vulnerabilities increasing make sure you have the latest version. For updating cPanel: WHM> cPanel> Upgrade to Latest Version.

Secure Password

We all know how much it’s essential to secure the password because it can infect the client’s website to spread the virus. Weak passwords can make it so complicated for you. Make sure everyone uses at least 8 characters, including alphanumeric and grammatical symbols. Avoid using significant dates and dictionary words.

Secure SSH

SSH is a remote connectivity tool in Linux that helps users log into a remote machine and execute commands. For securing SSH, update SSH packages to the latest stable version.
Secure Apache and PHP

Enable the ModSecurity to secure apache from attacks like code injection. Specific rules defined in ModSecurity helps in blocking connection that won’t match the rules.

Enable Brute Force Protection

When you set the value of Brute Force Protection, it ensures the repeated unsuccessful attempts to access the server from the given IP address.

Enable Firewall: it’s a critical part of cPanel security, which keeps the Firewall enabled and refuses all the unwanted connections to the server. Download CSF, which is used as a Firewall for cPanel and is easily manageable through the WHM interface.

Cloud Linux: If multiple owners run multiple websites, go for cloud Linux. For instance, those on the shared hosting site need to make sure to ask the hosting provider for this. If you are already running on the server, go to the system administrator to know more about cloud Linux. Open source scripts need to be maintained. Configure SSL, and monitoring needs to configure.

Final Words

Installing WordPress in cPanel is easier, as you can see here in this blog. All you need to understand the WordPress in a bit more detail. You would enjoy a wide range of features. The platform is quite simple and intuitive at the same time. As per various searches, the best hosting platform to manage shared or dedicated hosting platforms has been seen.

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