How to Install WordPress Locally Windows – 2023

If you’re looking to test out a new theme or plugin, installing WordPress locally is a great way to do so in privacy. By installing WordPress on your own computer, you can make sure everything works properly before you share it with others—and even if it doesn’t, there’s no need to worry about security issues like viruses or hackers because they won’t be able to access the server where your site resides. How to Install WordPress Locally Windows –

Step 1: Install XAMPP

  • Download and install XAMPP.
  • Install a web server, database server, PHP server, MySQL server and PHPmyadmin (if you want to use it).
  • Start the Apache web server with root privileges by typing in the following command:

Step 2: Install WordPress

At this point, you should have a local copy of WordPress installed on your computer. If you’re looking to create a new site, head on over to and follow the instructions for installing WordPress from scratch or from an existing installation (like we did above). If you want to change it up a bit, consider installing some themes or plugins – but only after getting familiar with how those files work so that you can make changes if necessary!

Step 3: Design Your Site

You can use a theme from the official WordPress repository, or you can download a free theme from a third-party website. If you want to design your site yourself, there are premium themes available from both the official and third-party sites.

You may also want to consider using one of these free plugins:

Installing WordPress locally  test out new ideas and themes

Installing WordPress locally is a great way to test out new ideas and themes in privacy. You can install WordPress on your own computer, or you can use the official plugin and theme repository.

If you have an existing site that uses certain plugins or themes, it’s always good practice to disable them until you’ve tested everything out on your local environment first. This way, if something goes wrong during installation (or worse yet—the website breaks), there won’t be any harm done because only one version of each file was installed onto your machine instead of two different versions being installed simultaneously at once!

These simple steps will help you install WordPress locally and get started building your next website. How to Install WordPress Locally Windows – 2023

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