How to Learn WordPress for Free in 7 Days -2022

WordPress is one of the most popular website building platforms that offers an easy and convenient source to build your website. All of its features make it the world’s most demanding website-building software. How to Learn WordPress

If you want to learn WordPress, it won’t take so long. You can learn WordPress by yourself, considering you’re on pace and convenience. It will be a matter of days before you will develop expertise in operating WordPress.

This article is all about learning WordPress and its features and tools. After reading this article, you will be familiar with using WordPress and building your website on it.

Why Should You Learn WordPress?

Should you Learn WordPress

WordPress is one of the world’s best website-building apps that allows you to create a fancy and eye-catching website. WordPress powers more than 39% of the websites worldwide. This shows that there are millions of users of WordPress, and you can be one of them just by learning some basic things.

It is the best platform for small and medium-sized businesses. It is also economical for content creators and bloggers to have a platform to showcase their work.

Another great thing about WordPress is that it also powers a platform called woocommerce, which millions of small and medium-sized online businesses use. Many businesses have converted their

operation from face-to-face selling to online selling through this platform.
So with tons of features and themes, WordPress offers you a wide range of tools to bring your imagination into reality.

What do I need to Learn Operating WordPress?

Learning WordPress won’t be complicated if you are committed and motivated toward your goal. All you have to do is save a few hours of your day to learn this skill.

There are certain easy prerequisites that you need to learn before operating WordPress. This includes knowing how to use search engines like Google. I’m following simple instructions.

So it is as simple as that; you don’t need to have any knowledge of HTML or related programming languages to operate WordPress. Although it will be helpful to learn them in the future, for now,  WordPress will do all of these things for you.

You will be happy to know that a significant part of the WordPress user community does not have a degree in computer science or programming and coding skills. All they have is the commitment, and they have been using WordPress for years.

Similarly, many WordPress kings have started their journey just like you. Now they’re making a handsome amount of money while offering their services for WordPress. So it’s a broad platform that can take anyone from an amateur to a completely skilled WordPress developer in months.
If they can be successful with WordPress, so can you. So buckle up, and let’s start learning WordPress.

It will be helpful if you divide learning WordPress into seven days of the week starting from Monday.

Monday, Getting Familiar With WordPress

get started with wordpress

WordPress consists of 2 types of websites. The first one is which is a self-hosted website from WordPress. The second one is

We always recommend that you use the self-hosted website as it will give you access to all of the features that WordPress offers in the box. However, you can always compare both types and know which one suits your needs.

Now when you are done with choosing the platform, it’s time to select the web hosting and domain; both of these are the mandatory steps.

Are you confused with these complex terms? Well, let’s make it simple. Your domain is the website address that consumer types on the search box to visit you, for example,

Furthermore, let’s move to the step of picking the web hosting. This is a platform where all of your website’s files will be stored so that the user can visit your website easily.

Usually, the web hosting will cost you $7.99 a month, whereas, for a domain name, you will pay $14.99 per year.

Once you are done with picking the domain name and the web hosting, it’s time to install WordPress. WordPress is also famous for its easy installation. It offers a single-click WordPress installer.

If you are looking to learn and make a test site, Installing WordPress on your Mac or Windows computer will be enough. But in this scenario, your website will not be visible to other users on the Internet. You will have to move from your computer to a live site that will make your site visible to the other users on the Internet.

After installing WordPress, you will be exposed to the WordPress dashboard and the admin area. It has a user-friendly layout with a top toolbar and the admin sidebar menu on the left.

You have created a WordPress site, but it will be currently empty with a basic and unnoticeable design and features.

So in the next few days, you will be learning about using WordPress features and learning how to use different layouts and themes and add them to your website.

Tuesday, Learning The Basic Features of WordPress

The Basic Features of WordPress

After an overview in the WordPress dashboard, you can click on different sidebars to familiarize yourself with the system. It lets you know what is located at which place; you will still need  guidance about using these items.

The free WordPress video series that includes 34 informative and complete guide videos about learning WordPress dashboard is the best point to start learning WordPress. It will show you how to add videos, audio, and images to the website.

It is highly recommended to go through all these videos. You don’t have to worry if you can’t watch them all simultaneously. They allow you to leave and resume from the point where you left.

As you move forward were working on your website, you might be exposed to terms that will be difficult to understand. For that purpose, we have a handy WordPress dictionary that includes a list of mainly used WordPress terminologies and a detailed explanation of each one of them.

Furthermore, you will get to know about WordPress block editor. This is where you will be spending a significant part of your time creating content for your website. At this point, you should go through some WordPress concepts like

  • Difference between posts versus pages in WordPress
  • Difference between categories and tags
  • How to add images to WordPress website

After going through all this, if you are still left with some spare, you should also explore the beginner’s guide section on the dashboard, which will be practical. Hopefully, by this time, you will have a detailed knowledge of your WordPress admin area, and you will be good to go to play with plugins.

Wednesday, Operating WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins

The plugins are the main power of the WordPress website. It would be best to consider these plugins as the apps for your WordPress website. For example, your phone has different apps for different reasons. Similarly, the WordPress plugins allow you to add new features to your website like content forms, creating a store, creating a drop-down list, etc.

Thankfully, more than 50,000 plugins are available on the official WordPress websites that are free to use. It can be overwhelming for beginners.

To learn about the right plugins that you should use for your website, you can read about how to choose the best WordPress plugin that will be versatile for your website. You might get confused about one that will be suitable for your website.

We have created a list of essential WordPress plugins. That everyone uses for their website. It is recommended to install the WordPress backup plugin, WordPress Seo plugin, and the VPforms.

Additionally, you can check your WordPress plugins category, where you will find the right plugins to do whatever you want on your WordPress website.

This day of learning WordPress will be spent exploring all of the plugins here. So take time to look through all the plugins to help you grow your website. After that, you will move towards the next day of learning about WordPress themes.

Thursday, Learning to Use WordPress Themes.

wordpress themes

WordPress themes are one of the critical aspects of your WordPress website. Determines the overall view of your website. These themes are ready-made and you can install and add them to your website right away.

Like the free plugins, thousands of free WordPress themes are available for the users.  To download a suitable theme for your site, visit the WordPress theme directory.

Various premium themes are available on the Internet that you can also explore if you want to create a next-level website.

However, it would help if you kept in mind that not all the themes will suit your website.  You should know that a perfect theme includes a balance of powerful features with a sleek design.  It should be straightforward to navigate.  Adding too many features will likely create a mess on your website, so keep them countable.

You can also explore different themes that are most popular on WordPress.  It will help you choose the right one for your side.

Once you are done choosing the right suitable for your site,  the next step is to read out our guide on installing the WordPress theme without any errors.

After adding the WordPress theme to your site,  you can reflect on the Tuesday instructions about changing the background, adding images and menus,  and more to your WordPress website theme.

Friday,  Customizing WordPress

Customizing WordPress

Here comes the last day of your training.  You have added all the basic and essential things to your website, and now it’s time to customize all of that.  In the customization phase, there will be various questions that you will have to answer to make a proper and perfect website.

For example, you know how to add a contact form or create a specific page where you will add the blog posts.

At this stage, we recommend that you make a list of features that you are planning to add to your website and customize them accordingly.  Different businesses have their specific needs, so it’s up to you. Best way to learn WordPress

Afterward : Continue Learning WordPress

Learning WordPress

 If you keep all of the steps of learning WordPress in this scenario, where you will be learning in phases per day, you will be more likely to develop expertise in WordPress in less time.  After learning WordPress for a week, you will be able to set up and customize your website.

But several features are added to WordPress periodically.  So it’s a continuous learning process where you should keep exploring new and different parts of WordPress add know if they will do any better for your website.

To make yourself more productive in learning WordPress.  Read out about the following tips that will help you.

If you face any problem, you can search it in the search bar available.  You can enter your question in search engines, and several results answering your questions will appear in front of you.

How  to Learn About WordPress Development

After one develops expertise in WordPress as a beginner, he often asks how to learn WordPress development and code there on solutions.

You should know that WordPress is primarily written in PHP programming language in addition to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.  To learn about WordPress development, you should start by learning HTML and CSS and then shift to learning PHP and JavaScript.

Once you are familiar with these computer languages, you can move to the next step of developing your plugins from scratch.

You can learn these things quickly from various search engines.  There are plenty of websites that offer professional WordPress training.  However, you will move to this step once you develop expertise in primary WordPress usage.

We hope that this article helped you a lot in knowing where to start to learn WordPress and its features.  Now you can develop your website using WordPress and maintain it.   It will assist you a lot as a Blogger, business person, and editor, and you will grow to have your platform.  Good luck with building your WordPress website. WordPress tutorial

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