6 – Ways to Increase Facebook Page Likes

Facebook is considered the king of social media. Here everyone tries to gain maximum fame. The more famous one is here, the more successful he will be. So here everyone tries to reach the heights of fame as soon as possible. Today we will tell you how to increase page likes in Facebook. 6 – Ways to Increase Facebook Page Likes

There are 3 ways to increase Page Likes.

1. Paid Method: In this you have to pay money.
2. Auto Likes: There are many websites through which you can get auto likes. But this method is not good. So it should be avoided.

3. Free Methods: Pakistani people prefer free methods. Therefore, keeping in mind their preferences, today’s blog will highlight six such methods, with the help of which likes can be obtained. But hard work and consistency are prerequisites.

1# Post and image together:

Try to have an image with each page post. This will have a huge impact. If your post is related to a flower, put a picture of the flower below the post. If your post is based on the topic of politics, then paste a picture of a politician. This method is very convenient. In this regard, you can also see by experimenting. Have one post with an image and another without an image. You will feel the difference yourself.

2# Posting at Standard Time:

Post, but at standard times. At a time when more people. What time is it? According to an English website, most people are online between 7pm and 9pm. So by sending posts at this time you can get good likes.

3# Invite all Your Friends:

Invite all your friends immediately after creating the page. Sometimes inviting all friends to like a page is a very time-consuming task, because if you have a thousand or more friends, it takes a lot of time to invite everyone one by one. In this video, only one In time, all friends are taught how to invite.

4#Promoting your Page through Related Pages:

In this way, you get enough likes. For example, if your page is related to fashion, then you can find pages on Facebook that are related to your page. There, give a little introduction of your page and give the link. Or give a link to a post of your page. But you have to do this process on a daily basis. This method will definitely increase the popularity of your page to some extent.

5#Attractive Cover photo & Profile Picture:

But attractive cover photos and profile pictures play an important role in page likes. Try to make your page cover photo and profile pictures unique. That is, they should not be searched by Google. If you have found these images, feel free to edit them. The more attractive the cover photo is, the more it will attract the attention of the audience.

6# Current Affairs Posts:

Post about current affairs. This will also increase page likes significantly. The world has become a global village. Here everyone tries to be somewhat aware of the current situation. In this context, take advantage of the events as well. Be it Eid-ul-Fitr or Independence Day, or any other day. Remember the friends who liked the page. It will be an even bigger benefit.

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