Fast Forward to More Instagram Followers: 10 Proven Tips

Ready to up your Instagram game? We’re here to help with 10 tried-and-true tips for gaining more followers. But in all seriousness, growing your Instagram following can help you to raise brand awareness, build relationships, and get more customers to your business. So in this guide, I’m going to share with you 22 free ways (and one paid) to get more followers on Instagram—quality followers, that is.

1. Post interesting content. This one’s a no-brainer, but it’s still worth mentioning. If you want people to follow you, post things that are worth following.

2. Use hashtags. Hashtags help your posts get seen by more people, so use them liberally.

3. Follow others. When you follow other users, they’re more likely to follow you back.

4. Use a good profile picture. Your profile picture is one of the first things people see, so make sure it’s high quality and representative of your brand or personal style.

5. Use interesting captions. Your captions are a great opportunity to show off your personality and engage with your followers.

6. Geotag your posts. Geotagging helps people find your content based on location, so be sure to add this info to all of your posts.

7. Use filters sparingly. While filters are a great way to add personality to your photos, overuse can make them look unprofessional.

8. Use stories wisely . Stories are a great way to give followers a behind-the-scenes look at your life or business, but be careful not to post too many stories or they may lose their impact.

9. Interact with others . When you interact with other users (e.g., by commenting on their photos or following them), they’re more likely to return the favor.


1# Optimize Your Profile for Maximum Visibility

When someone visits your profile, you want them to be able to quickly and easily understand what you’re all about. That’s why it’s important to optimize your profile for maximum visibility.

Make sure your username is easy to remember and includes your name or business name. Upload a profile photo that’s high quality and recognizable. And be sure to complete your bio, including a link to your website or blog.

The more information you can provide about yourself, the easier it will be for people to find and connect with you.

2# Interact With Other Accounts

When you like and comment on other people’s photos, you’re increasing the chances that they’ll check out your profile and possibly follow you. It’s a simple way to get started and to start building those relationships with other users.

But don’t just stop at likes and comments. Try following other users as well. They may not follow you back right away, but as long as you’re providing value and not being spammy, they’ll eventually take notice. And once they do, they may just start following you too.

3# Engage With Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to get your content seen by more people, and to connect with other users who are interested in the same topics. When you post a photo or video, include hashtags that are relevant to the content. Other users who are interested in those topics will see your post, and may follow you as a result.

To find the right hashtags to use, do some research online. There are websites and online tools that can help you find popular hashtags for your niche. Or, you can browse the tags used by other users in your target audience.

When using hashtags, be sure to use them in moderation. Don’t include more than 10 or 15 hashtags in a post, or users will be less likely to read them. And remember to use the official spelling of the hashtag, without any spaces.

4# Create Meaningful Content

When it comes to creating meaningful content, you have to think about the results your followers will get from the message you share. They’re not only here for a quick laugh—they are looking to be inspired and educated.

For example, if you’re a health coach, create content that tells your followers about the benefits of eating more fruit and vegetables, rather than sharing pictures of processed junk food. Or if you’re an artist, provide tutorials on how to paint, sculpt or draw instead of just posting pictures of your latest artwork.

The key is to focus on creating content that provides value—something that’s going to stick with them and will inspire them to take action. This could include blogs posts, articles, quizzes or surveys as well as photos or videos. You want your followers not only to double tap but also to click and take action!

5# Use Compelling Captions and CTAs

It’s well known that visuals are what draw followers in, but don’t forget to engage them with your captions—it’s the words that will give context to your image and help keep people engaged. You want captions that make people think, or better yet, provoke conversations in the comments section.

To achieve this, try using descriptive words and language that evoke emotion and ask questions. Be creative and use storytelling to deepen engagement. It could be useful to include a CTA (call-to-action) in your captions too, such as ‘double tap if you’re with us’ or ‘comment below if you can relate’. This encourages more interactions with your post and helps create a sense of community among your followers.

7# Run Instagram Advertisements

One of the best ways to get more followers on Instagram is by running advertisements. It might sound intimidating at first—after all, what if you spend money and nobody clicks on your ad? But, if done properly, running Ads can result in a major burst of followers to your account.

When it comes to creating an Instagram ad, start by setting up a few targeting settings such as location, language and interests. This will help narrow down your reach so that the right people see the ad. Once you’ve set those up, craft your creative! You want to make sure it’s eye-catching and unique so it stands out from other similar Ads. Lastly, add a compelling call-to-action (CTA) that encourages people to check out your profile and hit that “follow” button.

By following these steps, you’ll be able to create an effective Instagram Ad that will help you get more real followers than ever before!

8# Leverage User-Generated Content

If you want to build relationships with your audience and foster real engagement, user-generated content (UGC) is a great way to do it. User-generated content can be anything from a photo with a hashtag to a review of your product, and it’s the kind of content that gets shared the most on Instagram.

Share UGC in your stories and feed, or create posts around user-generated content. Responding to comments, reviews, and other types of user-generated content makes your followers feel seen and appreciated—creating an intimate connection between them and your page. You could even go one step further by featuring users in contests or other activities. When you leverage UGC, not only are you showing off the support of current users but also gaining exposure from the accounts who shared their posts in the first place.

9# Host Contests and Giveaways

Looking to get more followers on Instagram? Try hosting contests and giveaways! Contests are a great way to engage your current followers while attracting the attention of new ones; they’re also super easy to set up and can have amazing ROI.

Pick a prize that’s related to your brand or industry, and set up rules for how people can enter. You can have users tag friends, follow your page, or post a picture using your hashtag. That way, you’ll be able to see who enters and it’ll increase exposure for your brand.

Make sure the contest prize is worth it for potential entrants – offering an incentive for followers and potential customers is key. People want something valuable in return for taking part in the contest (and potentially giving you some free promotion!).

Also consider partnering with influencers who already have a large following, as this will help spread the word about your contest even further. With properly executed contests and giveaways, you can quickly add followers and grow your community organically!

10 Post Regularly for More Reach

Want to get more followers and like counts? Post regularly to ensure you’re visible in your followers’ feeds. If they see you post each day, or at least a few times a week, they’ll be more likely to eventually click ‘Follow’. If you only post once every few weeks, it’s easy for them to forget you exist in the hustle and bustle of the Instagram algorithm.

But don’t overdo it—posting too often can lead to burnout and lower engagement in the long-term. Rather than posting on a strict schedule, focus on having quality content that your followers will engage with. This could mean anything from creating an esthetically pleasing series of posts or thoughtfully crafted captions. Having regular content without overwhelming your followers is key to increasing engagement and maintaining your followership!

11# Monitor Your Analytics

It’s important to track and monitor your analytics to understand how people are engaging with your content. You can get the best insights into what types of posts are resonating with your audience by looking at the analytics data.

You’ll be able to see how many people have liked or commented on a post, as well as how many followers you gained during a certain time period. With this information, you can adjust and optimize your content so that you can keep growing your audience even faster.

Also, consider which hashtags are getting the most engagement, as well as which ones your followers are using more often and piggyback off them by including them in your posts. At the end of the day, understanding and analyzing your analytics is key for success on Instagram! Instagram Followers: 10 Proven Tips

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