The Beginner’s Guide to Instagram Marketing – 2023

Instagram marketing is a type of social media marketing, which involves promoting a brand on Instagram. This social media platform helps brands connect with a huge audience, increase brand awareness and increase sales. The Beginner’s Guide to Instagram Marketing

Why is Instagram Marketing important for businesses) Why is Instagram Marketing important for Businesses?

Instagram is the perfect channel to reach a huge audience – over a billion monthly active users. On average, users spend 53 minutes a day on Instagram, making the platform the second most visited social network after Facebook.

Instagram makes it easy to maintain your relationships with users. People love to connect with brands through this network – 90 percent of consumers follow at least one company on Instagram. The opportunity to boost Instagram sales is a point to consider. According to Facebook research in 2019, 65 percent of people surveyed visited a brand’s website or app after viewing it on Instagram. 46 percent of interviewees purchased from a brand online or offline. Reaching a wide audience, which actively interacts with brands and wants to buy from them, is the main advantage of Instagram marketing. However, this social network has other benefits as well.

Instagram can Positively impact your Business in 4 ways.

Brand Strengthening

Instagram marketing works wonders for brand awareness. 83 percent of users admit that this social network helps them discover new products or services. Better yet, people tend to trust brands on Instagram more. 74 percent of consumers consider brands with Instagram accounts to be relevant and 78 percent consider them popular. Conversely, brands that do not have an Instagram account are likely to be ignored by consumers.

Improved Engagement

Social networks are one of the best channels for maintaining relationships with customers. They allow you to get feedback from your audience through likes or comments, engage them with engaging content (Offers), inform about special offers and much more. In turn, Instagram works better than other social platforms for customer engagement. On average, a photo on Instagram gets 23% more engagement than a post on Facebook, though twice as much on the latter platform.

Enlarged Sales

We already know that Instagram audiences make purchases voluntarily. This buying audience is huge – 11 percent of social media users in the US shop on Instagram. Knowing this feature allows Instagram businesses to get the most out of their platform. Instagram offers a robust set of tools that allow users to shop on Instagram. These include Instagram Stories, Shopping Tags, Ads and many more links.

Audience Growth Opportunities

Instagram boosts your business by giving you a precise definition of your target audience. This opportunity is available on Instagram Ads Manager thanks to its targeting options. With them, you can identify the most suitable audience based on demographics, interests, behaviors and more. Better yet, Instagram Ads Manager gives you retargeting options. Targeting and re-targeting not only allows you to drive more qualified Instagram leads.

The Instagram Analytic Tool allows you to measure your ad performance. You can track outreach, campaign costs, number of purchases, cost per purchase, conversions and more. In a nutshell, Instagram marketing strengthens your brand, gets your audience to buy, and keeps them engaged with your business.

1 # Set Your Goals

Start developing your Instagram marketing strategy by setting goals. Goals will underpin everything you do on Instagram, from defining your content format to using advertising mechanics. Famous brands try to take advantage of Instagram by increasing brand awareness, managing reputation, building a community, accelerating sales, gaining customer and market insights (Market Insights), and more. Your goals should be aligned with your business needs. If your financial results are more or less good, there is probably no need to increase sales through Instagram. Try to focus on gaining customers or market insights instead.

For high performance, make sure your goals are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely. He might say something like “We need to get a 20% increase in sales through Instagram in 5 years.”

2# Define your Target Audience

Determining your audience is an essential step; Without it, all your efforts to achieve business goals will fail. Know who your specific customer is, their age, gender, occupation, location, income level, etc. The better you know your customers, the better results you will get.

A big mistake to avoid here is developing a make-believe personality. Use a data-driven approach instead of guesswork. To get information about your potential customers, you can explore Instagram hashtags related to your business. For example, if you are marketing an event agency, you might review event planner #EventPlanner, event or event styling #EventStyling. Take a closer look at the profiles using these hashtags. Then try to learn more about the people interacting with those accounts, what reactions they share, what comments they write, what they like and what profiles they hate.

3# Analyze your Competitors Analyze your Competitors

To get a foothold in Instagram marketing, research your competitors’ profiles. Find out who they are, what kind of content they post, how they interact with their audience and other brands or influencers. You can also research your competitors’ branded hashtags to get an indication of how popular they are.

Try not only to focus on successful tactics, but also look for things that your competitors might miss. This will help you come up with effective and unique tactics to promote your brand. Imagine you are marketing a psychologist’s practice through Instagram. On Instagram, doctors post photos with instructions on how to diagnose psychiatric conditions. This way you can entertain your audience and post videos with interesting psychological experiments.

Researching competitors through Instagram is a difficult task. Fortunately, you can mitigate some of this with social listening services or a CRM system. For example, Sprout Social can automatically compile competitor research. .

4# Get a Business Account Get a business account

Instagram offers its users two types of accounts: personal and business. The latter gives you a lot of benefits and opportunities. For example, you can test your performance, learn more about your followers’ behavior, add information about your company, and more. The Beginner’s Guide to Instagram Marketing

  • Create a perfect bio.
  • Create a 150-character description of your business, focusing on why it stands out.
  • Optimize your profile photo.

It should be recognizable and reflect your business. You can choose the logo, but remember that Instagram displays it as a 110 by 110x pixel photo.

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