iPhone Photography Course – Photography Online

In this iPhone Photography Course – Photography Online, we will explore the basics of photography while using the iPhone. We will cover settings and shooting modes, composition, color theory and editing. We’ll go over the laws of composition to learn how to make a scene more interesting and adjust exposure for dark or bright subjects. In this course, you’ll learn how to take great photos with your iPhone. In this course, you’ll learn how to take great photos with your iPhone. You’ll first be introduced to the basics of photography and then we will show you how to use your phone as a camera. With these techniques, you’ll be able to shoot beautiful images like a pro!

For those who are looking to learn more about photography on their iPhone, this course is a great way to start. It will provide the necessary information on how to get started. This course also provides information on camera basics, photo editing, and photo management.

Digital cameras, which were once commonplace in most people’s daily lives, have been replaced by iPhone cameras and mobile phone cameras in general. Due to their excellent capabilities and internet connectivity, iPhone cameras enable professional-level image capture and editing that can be shared across platforms.

Pk institute has a course to help you accomplish your objectives, whether you want to learn about new apps for taking and editing professional-quality images on your iPhone or composition methods for creating the greatest photos. iPhone Photography Course – Photography Online

iPhone Photography Course Outline

  • 1. Functions of Photography.
  • 2. Types of Cameras, Lenses.
  • 3. Types of Photography e.g. Nature (Out-door) Photography, Product (In-door) Photography
  • 4. In-door and Out-door Lighting techniques and Exposure.
  • 4. Landscape and Portrait
  • iPhone Photography Course – Photography Online

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