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Pni is a website that provides you with the latest updates. You can find the latest news in Urdu on this website. We have an exclusive collection of Urdu news, covering issues such as politics, social issues, culture, sports and much more. Urdu News

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Urdu Point – A source of breaking updates and latest news on world affairs. We bring you the best breaking news in Urdu along with some interesting articles related to world affairs and politics.

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Urdu Point is a well-known news website that has been providing breaking news and information about Pakistan, India and UK. The website also provides other important topics like politics, sports and entertainment etc. You can get all the latest updates on your mobile phone by downloading app of Urdu Point which is available for both Android and iOS devices.

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Urdu Point is the largest Urdu News Portal in Pakistan. It provides the latest news on a variety of topics, as well as an extensive collection of articles related to current events and politics.

Urdu Point is the best source of Urdu News, whether you’re looking for news about Pakistan or just want to read something interesting from home.

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  • Urdu Point is the best news portal for business, culture and technology in Pakistan. We provide all types of news from all over Pakistan including Punjab, Sindh and Balochistan provinces. You can also read latest news from other cities like Karachi, Lahore etc..

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Technology News

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Punjabi News

Punjabi News is a daily newspaper published in Lahore, Pakistan. It was founded by Muhammad Akram Khan on 10 November 1949 as a weekly publication. In 1952, it became daily and over the years has become one of the largest selling Punjabi newspapers in the world with an average circulation of 600,000 copies per day.

Punjabi News was started by Mohammad Akram Khan after he left his job as editor at another Urdu language news paper Nai Zindagi (New Life). The first issue was published on 10th November 1949 under its current name with an initial print run of 50000 copies which increased to 250000 within six months.

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Health News

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Health News Updates in Sindhi Latest Urdu News – Breaking News from Pakistan


In conclusion, we would like to say that Urdu is one of the most widely used languages in Pakistan and around the world. It can be used as a language of communication between people from all over the globe. The Pakistani culture is deeply rooted in its history and traditions which makes it an ideal country for those looking for new opportunities or just want some time away from their busy routine lives. Latest Urdu News – Breaking News from Pakistan

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