18-Proven Ways to Make Money Online With WordPress – 2023

Nowadays, everyone is looking to make money with different sources, and WordPress is one of them. You will come across different ways for online earning, but every method requires an investment of time and money. WordPress is used as a simple blogging platform, and it is much more than just blogging. A little effort is required from your side as well. Here we will share some practical ways to make money online with WordPress. Have a look and share your experience and how you avail these opportunities. How to earn money from free WordPress blog

Effective Ways To Make Money Online With WordPress

Table of Content

  • Google AdSense
  • WordPress Themes Development
  • WordPress Plugins
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Monetize Blogging Website through E- books
  • Sponsored Reviews
  • Blogging by Selling Physical Products
  • Blog Setup Services
  • SEO and Marketing Services
  • Consulting Services
  • Create a Website
  • Job Marketplace Website
  • Online Store
  • WordPress Maintenance Services
  • Webinars
  • Create Web Directory
  • Create a Premium Membership site


1 # Google AdSense

Well, people who want to make money should know the importance of Google AdSense. Add a small script from Google to the website, and ads will start displaying. Every time users click on the ad, these are called CPC ads. Advertisers will set the cost per click. Google AdSense is an effective way to earn money online. Opting for this method for monetizing the blog will also have some drawbacks. It helps automate the ad space, but website owners need to share the revenue with Google.

2 # WordPress Themes Development

Web designers and developers would make it easier for you to earn online. A skilled web designer would help you to develop WordPress themes. Top-notch designers know all types of tactics to gain. Now you can make money online with WordPress by following the right techniques. Always keep in mind the intention of customers and audience while designing. Establish a work team or join a company in this business for a long. Get the experience from expert designers and developers of the WordPress themes. Designers need to be more creative, and they can pick any GPL licensed themes from WordPress. Modify it and sell it as their own.

3 # WordPress Plugins

WordPress websites are top-ranked nowadays, and every website requires several types of plugins to install. WordPress community keeps on releasing numerous plugins. At the same time, creating plugins, you need to pay close attention to the problem faced by WordPress and then get the solution through plugins. Analyze existing plugins that are making money with WordPress.

4 #Affiliate Marketing

Promoting affiliate products would help to make money online with WordPress as well, and for this, you need to know the requirement of investment to start earning with affiliation. Brand promotion isn’t required to handle the customer services and reviews. If you are promoting an affiliate product, you don’t need to have a big audience because it already has a target audience that needs to serve. Earning depend directly on the closing of sales.

Promoting self-owned products and services can be frustrating deciding what to sell and use. The website owner’s product has no guarantee of sales and profits. Make sure products are relevant to your audience. Join different programs and benefit from this.

5 # Monetize Blogging Website through E-Bbooks

EBooks are also the best solution to make money online with WordPress and monetizing the skills. Now no need to go to the printing press and distribution center to publish the book. Everything has changed. Now download the books through different websites. Creating Ebooks and selling them would save the printing cost and delivery fee. All you need to do is create an ebook and upload it over WordPress. Make sure whatever book you are writing should be simple.

Sophisticated subjects get more attention, so avoid complicated subjects for content creation to make it more understandable for everyone. Get to know about creating an ebook and how to sell it. Both things are essential parts to pay attention to.

Ways to Monetize the Blogs are:

  • Lead Generation
  • Free Marketing Campaigns
  • Sell products in the E book
  • Ways to make E book impressive:
  • Make the content of the E book more precise
  • Pay attention to the format of the E book with graphics, proper headings, and image sources.
  • Proofread and edit the E book
  • Create an attractive cover for E book
  • Upload E book to the website and monetize the blog with an adequate payment gateway
  • Customer the website landing page for downloading
  • Track the download to improve the traffic conversion rates.
  • How to make money blogging for beginners

6 # Sponsored Reviews

Websites are best for placing ads and making the brand more visible. Sponsored reviews would give you the chance to target the audience. The higher the website ranking for domain authority, the higher the price of sponsored posts. Nowadays, every brand is required sponsored posts to make money. Blog monetization can also be improved through sponsored posts to generate higher earnings. Create a new website and understand the competition ground for the advertisement. The new website would have lower domain authority.

Get the opportunity to contact brands and companies to familiarize yourself with trending methods. Writing guest posts for the company, you will get to know the inner working of the advertising of websites. If you can write good content, you can money as per the size of traffic and the product value. Add referral links to products and services. This is good to create and monetize the blog by starting your space for sponsored posts. Blogging helps you to build domain authority and build traffic. Make sure you are posting regularly to increase the advertisement of the brand.

7 #Blogging by Selling Physical Products

Selling products through the website can be lucrative and one of the effective strategies to make money online with WordPress. Creating and making money with WordPress websites using online templates are so common. Website establishment is so easier these days with free templates. Small businesses are making websites to sell their products such as party cakes, garments, perfume, skincare, hair care, etc. Now managing the setup is much easier, and business owners can start scaling their orders without compromising the delivery and product quality.

Websites increase the visibility of your product, and sharing it all over social media would help gain the targeted audience. Affiliate marketing system integration is also the main part of the product promotion to boost sales. On setting up a website, there are so many ways to market with the help of analytical and advertising systems. These systems would help you track the performance of visitors who come to the page to purchase the product. You can also turn the WordPress website into an eCommerce store

8 # Blog Setup Services

Setting up a blogging service is a perfect option to make money online with WordPress. People who want to use the WP platform in their blogs should have some technical knowledge to get started. Install WordPress, upload the themes, and add recommended plugins. There are so many websites offering competitively priced hosting plans that bloggers can afford and earn a generous amount. If you want to get customers’ attention, then get started with small and simple blog setup services on the website. Blog setup services can be free, but people need to rely on affiliate links within the service page. You can also reach to other blogs for guest pots and leave the links in forums and invest in paid advertising. People targeting a smaller or local audience would contact you.

9 # SEO and Marketing Services

Who else is not aware of SEO and marketing tactics these days? Optimization of the website is essential to rank your business among competitors. It is also an effective strategy to make money online with WordPress. If you want to earn online, then learn SEO. Link building, site speed, and other SEO aspects give many website owners a platform to pay for reliable services. Marketing services include ad management, and it needs graphics, keyword research, bidding strategy, and much more. A good marketing campaign consists of Google ads, newsletters, social media, etc. These services help get increased conversions and traffic.

10 # Selling Online Courses

Selling online courses has also made a great way to earn online easily. Courses are priced higher than e books. It depends on you to charge a premium as per expertise. There are so many websites offer two tiers of each course such as basic version of the support or premium version with email support. Just create the lessons for the course with supporting materials that you want to include. You can design a learning management system plugin to deliver the course to the audience.

11 # Consulting Services

Nowadays, consultation is another effective way to make money online with WordPress for blogging and sharing expertise. Consultations require advice and strategy for clients to become more effective. There is no startup investment, and you can start offering consulting services on blog setup. Create a page with a form for a startup, or go for the professional and mobile-friendly forms to get started for making money.

12 # Create a Website

We all are aware of eBay, which is the best marketplace. Auction websites allow users to bid products to purchase. It allows sellers to maximize the profits and customers to get the unique and desired deal. Create an auction WordPress website and allow third-party to list the products. There are many add-ons available to build the marketplace with WordPress, such as Woo Commerce, An auction add-on, and a Multi-vendor add-on.

13 # Job Marketplace Website

The job marketplace is in top searches these days with an increased unemployment rate, and everyone wants to search for better opportunities. Fiverr and Up work is the best job marketplace website. Create a website for people working in the same niche as your blog. If you want to make your platform more competitive, select a specific niche. A website would help you find customers and professionals who can’t use large marketplaces because of huge competition. More job success stories will bring more customers and freelancers. You can charge a small amount just like the fiverr and up work on completing the job.

14 # Online Store

Build an store with WordPress where you can earn more money online. It’s up to you either customize your outfits or collaborate with other brands. Just upload the new designs and shipping details. It would be a great chance for the new brand to make their visibility over your platform. It will give your business a great boost, so if you haven’t tried out this yet, give it a try.

15 # WordPress Maintenance Services

WordPress Maintenance services are also required for so many businesses, so if you are looking forward to making money online, these services are helpful. It depends on the level of expert knowledge. Providing the way to offer expertise in a specific way to help others. WordPress can be used as a professional WordPress maintenance service. Start making money with WordPress maintenance services.

16 # Webinars

Webinars are also helpful for making money online with WordPress. These are just like the online courses where you can offer a webinar to the audience. Webinars are conducted live, where direct questions and answers will be taken. There is an option of hosting a paid webinar via webinar software. The website can be used to advertise the webinar website or register the participants. If you were not conducting webinars, start this practice from now onward.

17 # Create Web Directory

Many local directories serve as useful tools online for business. Directories include the podcasts for a particular product, reviews for a specific niche, etc. Create a Web directory on the WordPress site and install a directory plugin to make it accessible for accepting payments and submissions.

18 # Create a Premium Membership site

If your website has valuable content, convert it into a premium site membership. People who want to access the precious information need to pay for it. Payment mode can be monthly, semi-annually, or annually. There is a variety of plugins available to meet the needs. You can take membership ideas from Lynda, Money life, and Reflex yoga.

Final Thoughts

These are the effective ways to make money online with WordPress. You need to have patience. Follow all the described techniques to bring traffic to your website. Analyze traffic reports and the amount of income which site generates as well. Make money with WordPress affiliate marketing

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