Make YouTube Shorts Videos & Earn Money

If we talk about shorts videos, the popularity that Tik Tok has achieved so far is hardly achieved by any other app. Tik Tok has millions of users in Pakistan and millions of people use Tik Tok. While watching an application named Sneak Video came in the market it started paying people if a Sneak Video application user invites a new person to Sneak App then he is paid money in addition to watching videos. but also get money, How to Make Money with YouTube Shorts Make YouTube Shorts Videos & Earn Money

Sneak Video also has millions of users. The most important reason for the popularity of this application is that there is no need to make long videos on it. Videos of just a few seconds go viral very quickly. Those who make videos get a lot of benefits,

Seeing the growing popularity of shorts videos, YouTube has also launched a feature called YouTube Shorts. Now you can create any video of less than a minute and upload it to YouTube Shorts. Initially, this option was in new channels. It has also appeared in YouTube channels recently, if you look at the views of YouTube shorts videos, you will see trending videos with millions of views.

Now the prison is over that you have to make long videos to work on YouTube because earlier YouTube experts used to say that if you want to make your YouTube channel successful and get more views and subscribers, make your videos five minutes long. Do not make it less than and make it maximum of twelve to fifteen minutes, it will also increase the watch time of your channel.

YouTube has officially announced that YouTube will pay the creators of shorts videos from one hundred dollars to ten thousand dollars. This amount is not insignificant. Makes Rs.

Even if your channel is not monetized, you can start uploading shorts videos. YouTube may soon start paying dollars to those who make shorts videos in Pakistan. Dollars are being given by,

So what’s the delay? Make short videos of fifteen seconds to one minute and start uploading them on YouTube. This will increase the views on your YouTube channel and you will get more subscribers. Tik Tok or Then most of those who work on snack videos say that we don’t make long videos, so we make short videos and work on Tik Tok or snack videos, now they have the option of shorts videos on YouTube. But also getting just work earn money and live a prosperous life.

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