Maya Course – Maya Online Training Courses

Maya Course is a highly interactive course, which teaches Maya and Animatrix animation. The course has received high praise from students, who have claimed that it’s an excellent course to learn Maya. It covers all the basic features of Maya and then goes on to show advanced techniques. There are also many projects in this course which you can use as examples for your own work later on.

The Maya course is a six-month long training program that teaches you how to design and build games in Unity 3d. The course starts with the basics of game development, then continues with more advanced topics such as scripting etc., until you have created your own fully functional game using the tools provided by Unity3D!

  • Week 1 | The Maya Interface
  • Week 2 | Modeling Approaches
  • Week 3 | Modeling Best Practice
  • Week 4 | Preparation for Materials
  • Week 5 | Materials
  • Week 6 | Lighting & Rendering
  • Week 7 | Rigging
  • Week 8 | Animation
  • Week 9 | FX (Effects)
  • Week 10 | Motion Graphics

maya course is the best online course for beginners. It will teach you everything from basic to advanced techniques in 3 months so that you can start using Maya today!

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