New Google issue may affect ad serving

On May 24, 2018, Google announced a new issue within their AdSense interface that may have been affecting ad serving. It is unclear how many websites or advertisers were impacted by this issue but it does not seem to have been impacting the broader Google Ads platform. The issue has since been resolved by May 25 and there are no known reports of this continuing to be an ongoing issue.

It’s unknown at this time what caused the problem with the sub-tool tip in Google Adsense and whether more problems could arise as a result of it.

A new bug in Google’s systems could lead to a change in advertising.

For the past few days, many advertisers have been reporting that their ad campaigns are not serving properly. This is because there is a new bug in Google’s systems which can be causing these issues.

Google announced a change in how their systems handle geographic targeting settings.

This is what Google had to say about the matter: “We recently introduced changes to our location targeting, which may have resulted in ads for your business being served on a different geographic target than your primary location.”

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