17 Best Online Course WordPress Themes – 2023

If you’re looking to take your WordPress skills to the next level, then these themes are sure to help. They’re not just good for blogging and creating websites; they can also be used for building online courses. The popularity of e-learning has grown significantly in recent years, and these themes will help you build your course quickly and easily. Best Online Course WordPress Themes – 2023

1# Divi


Divi is a WordPress theme that was designed for the needs of modern day businesses and entrepreneurs. It has an intuitive drag and drop interface that makes it easy to build unique pages, with a wide range of features including:

  • Drag & Drop Page Builder
  • Custom Post Types
  • Custom Meta Boxes




2# Avada


Avada is a premium WordPress theme designed to look beautiful and work well on any platform. It’s also available as a free theme, so you can get started building your online business without having to pay anything upfront.

Avada comes with the following features:

  • Responsive design – Avada works with all devices from phones and tablets to laptops, desktops and retina displays!
  • Multi-purpose layout – You can choose between two different color schemes (white/black or light blue/turquoise) for your homepage image gallery & single post pages. The shopping cart feature allows you to sell products directly from within the admin panel without having any plugins installed! This makes it easy for users who aren’t familiar with technical jargon like CSS coding language or HTML5 codebase management tools like “WooCommerce” which have been used by many other popular ecommerce platforms such as Shopify.”


3# Extra


Extra is a responsive, retina-ready and built with Bootstrap 4.0 which makes it the most popular theme among the list of themes. It has many features such as:

  • Responsive layout that can be used on any device
  • Drag and drop page builder feature that allows you to create your own pages without writing code or knowing HTML coding
  • SEO friendly design so that search engines love this theme


4# The7


The7 is a multipurpose WordPress theme that comes with a drag-and-drop page builder, WooCommerce integration, and tons of features. It’s built with Bootstrap and has support for many other modern tools such as the Visual Composer (a drag-and-drop page builder), Revolution Slider (a slider plugin), Layer Slider (slider plugin).

The7 comes with an impressive portfolio section that includes images and videos as well as some cool visual effects like zooming into images or adding filters to them. The theme also supports multiple blog posts per page layout so you can create multiple blog posts at once without having to use different pages for each one!

5# Astra

Astra is a clean and professional WordPress theme for building e-learning and course sites. It’s the perfect choice for creating a modern e-learning website. Astra is also responsive, which means it looks great on any device: desktops, tablets or mobile devices.

6# Laxmi Pro

Laxmi Pro is a multipurpose, responsive and retina ready WordPress theme. The theme is best suited for business, corporate, portfolio, education and eCommerce websites. It comes with an easy to use theme options panel that allows you to customize the site according to your needs.

Laxmi Pro is built on Bootstrap v4 framework and uses HTML5 markup code making it cross browser compatible so you can use this amazing theme without any issues at all!

7# Halena Pro

Halena Pro is a great choice for building online courses. It has a ton of features that will make your life easier when it comes to creating an online course, and you can easily customize it to fit your needs.

The theme has many different themes available and you can use one of these to create your own custom look or use one of the pre-made templates that come with the theme. Themes include:

  • [Halena Pro Theme] – This is our recommended starter theme as it gives you access to all the functionality needed in order to create an effective course structure. It also comes with lots of other helpful tools such as social media integration and analytics tracking so you know how people are interacting with what they’re learning through Halena Pro’s platform!

8# Chuchad Pro

Chuchad Pro is a premium WordPress theme for creating online courses, training websites and online education websites. It is a highly customizable theme with dozens of options for every element of your site. You can create beautiful landing pages, course catalogs and more with this theme.

This theme includes unlimited color schemes, header options (with logo), header styles, footer styles & title font options (even if you are using different fonts in the body text) so that you can style up your website as per your requirements without any hassle!

9# Smaty Pro

Smaty Pro is a multipurpose, responsive and retina ready WordPress theme for online courses and digital education. It comes with 7 different homepage layouts and 6 different blog post types to help you build your online course store as well as an interactive content builder on the front-end.

The theme supports multiple languages including English (US), Russian, German, Spanish and French languages. It also supports WooCommerce plugin which allows you to sell products within your website’s pages or via email campaigns thanks to the built-in eCommerce features included in this module!

10# DeTube Pro

With DeTube Pro, you can build a responsive website that will look great on any device. The theme is built with the latest HTML5 and CSS3 technologies, so it works well in all modern browsers. It also supports WooCommerce plugins, which means that you can sell your products through this theme without any further work! The theme comes with over 40 custom widgets, so there’s plenty of room for customization if needed.

11# Nanopress Pro

Nanopress Pro is a premium WordPress theme for online courses. It has an attractive and clean design, with a responsive layout that looks great on any device. The theme is easy to customize, as well as compatible with WooCommerce and WPML (a language plugin that makes it easier for users who speak multiple languages).

Nanopress Pro offers several tools for creating your own course content: you can use its drag-and-drop page builder to create any type of page or blog post; install one of the pre-built templates or create your own from scratch; upload videos directly into the page using YouTube or Vimeo; add audio files from Soundcloud; save images from Google Images – there are many ways to get things done quickly without having any prior experience!

12# Candor Lite (Free Version)

Candor Lite is a responsive, multi-purpose WordPress theme designed for your online business. It has a wide range of layout options and you can use it to create any type of website you want.

This theme comes with a free version that gives you access to all the features of the premium version as well as some additional features like BuddyPress support and bbPress integration.

13# E-Course Lite (Free Version)

E-Course Lite is a simple and clean WordPress theme that is perfect for beginning to intermediate bloggers. The theme has an attractive design, responsive layout, and is easy to use.

The free version of this WordPress theme offers you all of its features in one package including support for custom widgets, unlimited posts per page, sticky footer bar, custom background images and more! If you need extra pages or customizations beyond what’s included with this free version then you can upgrade at any time by simply clicking on “Upgrade” in the top right corner below where it says “Download Now”. This will take you directly into our shopping cart where you can choose whether or not want additional features such as premium images or themes included when purchasing our products.

14# Explorable (Free Version)

Explorable is a free theme that is responsive, simple and clean. It’s the perfect template for showcasing your blog posts, portfolio or any other type of website. The theme comes with unlimited colors and layout options so you can easily create any kind of website you want.

The design is modern and clean which makes it suitable for all kind of websites like blogs, business sites, portfolios etc.,

15# LMS WordPress Theme (Free Version)

LMS WordPress Theme is a free and open source WordPress theme built with Bootstrap and jQuery. It’s designed for creating a learning management system (LMS) that can be used by teachers across the globe. The theme comes with full-width pages, which makes it ideal for creating professional websites and landing pages.

The design elements of this theme are simple yet effective, making it easy to use even if you’re new to WordPress development or web design in general. For example:

  • A custom header image with an animated slide effect for each section of your site
  • An elegant header area with links to all sections of your site

16# eLearning WP (Free Version)

eLearning WP is a free WordPress theme that is compatible with the latest versions of WordPress. It comes with a clean and modern design, making it ideal for creating educational websites or blogs.

The theme includes an easy-to-use editor that allows you to create your content directly from within the page builder. You can also choose from a range of pre-built templates or create your own layout using its drag-and-drop feature.

The premium version of this theme ($49) adds several extra features:

  • Custom header image uploads that allow you to add custom headers for each section on your site (including links back)
  • A fullscreen slider in its demo version which shows off how easily pages can be turned into galleries using this plugin

These themes will help you turn your ideas into online courses.

  • [Tutorials Theme](https://tutorialstheme.com/)
  • [How to Sell Online Courses with WordPress Themes](https://www.thecoachblogger.com/selling-online-courses-wordpress-themes/)
  • [The All in One Theme for Entrepreneurs](https://www.themeforest.net/item/allinone-theme/7432928)


These themes are built around the idea of being a platform for creating and sharing online courses. They are easy to use, have lots of great features, and can be customized in a number of ways. We hope this blog post has provided some inspiration for your next project! 17 Best Online Course WordPress Themes – 2023 Online course WordPress theme Free

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