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React is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks used on the front-end side. React JS is considered to be one of the most powerful tools for building interactive front-end web applications. React JS course teaches how to build apps with React JS and how to take advantage of its features for building clean and performant user interfaces. The tutorial walks the students through configuring an environment, setting up a new project, developing a basic app, installing and configuring additional packages, enhancing an application with routing, persisting data via local storage or cookies, and writing unit tests with Jest. React JS Course

React JS Course Outline

Module-01  Working with HTML, CSS, Bootstrap

  • Web Development Introduction
  • HTML Introduction
  • HTML Programming Advanced
  • CSS Introduction
  • CSS Advanced
  • Creating Capstone Project
  • Bootstrap Introduction
  • Bootstrap Buttons, Forms, Navbars
  • Bootstrap Grids
  • Creating a Responsive website

Module-02 Programming with Javascript and jQuery

  • Javascript Introduction
  • Connecting Javascript
  • JavaScript Operators and Control Flow
  • While Loops, For Loops
  • Java Script Project

Module -03 React Basics

  • Introduction To ReactJS
  • Why React.JS
  • React ES6
  • Writing React code for html
  • Introducing  JSX
  • React Components
  • Working with Props
  • React State
  • React Lifecycle
  • React Events
  • Building forms with React
  • React Css

Module-04 Final Project (Building a Expense Application With React)

  • Planning the app
  • Installing Modules
  • Including JS
  • Including HTML and CSS
  • Including React
  • Grooming Our Application
  • Deployment On Heroku

React JS is one of the front-end JavaScript libraries which is used to build large-scale applications.

React JS is a coding library which is maintained by Facebook and Instagram. It simplifies the way we code in web applications without compromising on the quality of the application. It comes with a traditional programming language which has JavaScript and some new features to help programmers develop their app easily.

It was created by Jordan Walke in 2011 when he developed React for his own personal project. Facebook adopted this library when they launched the News Feed in 2012, and that’s how it became popular worldwide.

React JS is one of the most popular and powerful JavaScript libraries for building user interfaces. It has a set of “reactive” programming principles, which are triggered by “events” either from the user or from data changes. This makes it a perfect library for building UIs that are responsive to users and data changes alike.

React JS has recently become the go-to library for developing large scale UI projects, mainly because it offers features that other libraries lack. For example, React offers an easy way to update only part of the DOM instead of all or nothing; immutability providing a safety net when working with stateful components; composable view components that make reusing code simple; and focus on performance, making it surprisingly faster than some other rival libraries such as AngularJS 1.x

In this course you will learn how to build a complete React JS application with modern techniques: ES6 syntax, Babel transpiling, npm workflow and React JS Course – Best React JS Course

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