6 – Ways to Scale Facebook Ads (The Right Way) 2028

Over the past few years, Facebook has become a major player in online advertising. In fact, according to eMarketer, it will be responsible for $7.44 billion in ad revenue this year—an increase of 50% over 2018. That said, there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to scaling a Facebook ad campaign. Here are some tips on how to ensure your ads reach their full potential:

Over the past five or more years, Facebook advertising has been a staple of almost every significant brand. Without a question, the platform adds value and can aid in promoting your business to potential customers.

If anything, finding MORE scale within the Facebook Ads environment is an issue I hear about more frequently. Businesses want to take advantage of this channel while the going is still good because they are experiencing strong returns.

Here are several methods you can use in order to find scale within your Facebook Advertising accounts in light of that viewpoint.

1# Optimize while You Scale

As you scale your campaign, focus on the top performers. A great way to do this is by using lookalike audiences based on actual results and actual data from past campaigns. You can also vary bids, advertising fees and budgets as needed to keep your spend in line with what it takes to reach those goals at any given time.

No more than 5% growth per day should be your target for new users that come through organic search traffic or Facebook ads (or somewhere else). Testing and measuring will help ensure that you don’t exceed this limit by being too aggressive with ad spend because doing so can lead to negative results—and expensive ones at that!

2# Focus on the Top Performers

The best way to scale your Facebook ads is by focusing on the top performers. This means that you should be using the right targeting and making sure that you’re tracking performance in order to make adjustments as needed. Facebook’s Ad Manager can help with this, but there are also other tools available (like Power Editor).

3# Use Lookalike Audiences Based on Actual Results

Lookalike audiences are another great way to scale your ads. Instead of using a broad, generalized audience that’s based on the people who are likely to like your page and then targeting ads at those people, lookalikes are based on actual results: the people who have actually converted.

For example, if you ran a campaign for a product sold at Target and saw an increase in sales after advertising during their sale events (like Black Friday), it would make sense to create an audience of anyone who visited Target over Thanksgiving weekend—but not everyone who shopped there! The right kind of lookalike will be similar enough in terms of demographics but also different enough that they’ll see value in being targeted by your ad while they’re already engaged with the brand.

4# Vary Bids, Advertising fees Budgets

Varying bids and ad prices to get the most out of your budget is one of the most important aspects of scaling Facebook ads. But it’s also one that many advertisers don’t think about enough when they’re first starting out with their campaigns. If you’re not careful, you could end up wasting money on underperforming ads because you weren’t willing or able to make changes later on down the road—after all, if it wasn’t working at first and then suddenly did start performing well (or even better than expected), why wouldn’t you keep running those same ads?

The best way I’ve found for doing this is by using advanced targeting options like audience segmentation or location targeting as part of my initial ad creation process before launching into other things like bid optimization strategies.

5# No More Than 5% Growth Per Day

You should be aiming for 5% growth per day, as this will give your campaign the best chance of success.

If you’re growing too fast, it’s possible that your budget will exceed what you can afford in the long run. You may also run into issues with ad budgets being exhausted too quickly and losing momentum. On the other hand, if your campaign grows slowly enough to allow for more organic traffic from Facebook users who find their way onto your landing page through search terms or recommendations from friends, then there’s less risk of overspending on paid advertising efforts since those people are already familiar with what they’re looking for – which means fewer chances of wasting money on ads that don’t convert into sales!

Here’s how we calculated our 5% growth rate: We divided our monthly budget by 12 (because we wanted to grow at least once every three months), then multiplied by 100 (because we’ll want 100% conversion rate). This gives us our target amount per month and allows us to set goals based off this number instead of guessing wildly based on personal experience alone.”

6# Test & Measure in Smaller Chunks

One of the most common mistakes marketers make is to make a big change to their Facebook ads at once. When you start testing, it’s important to keep in mind that you don’t want to do everything all at once—you should be testing small changes over time and making adjustments as needed.

The first step is figuring out what works for your audience and why, which will help guide your decisions during future campaigns. For example: If someone clicks on one of your ads but then doesn’t convert (or if they convert but they aren’t interested in buying), then don’t keep running that same ad! You need more information before making any serious changes.

Create Scalable Facebook ads Without Assuming Anything!

  • Don’t assume that you know what works.
  • Don’t assume that your audience wants what you’re selling.
  • Don’t assume the same thing is true for competitors’ audiences, either—they may have completely different needs and desires than yours!

There you have it: the best way to scale Facebook ads. We hope you enjoyed this article, and that it has given you some good ideas for how to get started with scaling your own campaigns in the future! Remember, when scaling any type of campaign, there are often no short cuts—but by following these 6 tips above, we believe we’ve laid out a solid foundation for success. Happy advertising! Scale Facebook Ads

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