SEO Course – Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Special Classes

This SEO course will teach you the best possible search engine rankings and how to improve website content. The algorithm behind the Google search engine and other search engines is taught. We will also develop the best real world skills for this course. Within this course you will learn how you can improve the ranking of a website with the help of in-page optimization and off-page optimization as well as doing website audit and good. This SEO course teaches you how to do the best keyword research and how to optimize your keyword ranking.

Our professional teachers have taught you all the things in this course that you can easily bring your website in the top search results of Google.

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In this SEO course students will learn how to bring their website to Google’s number one search result and will be told how to come up with a very good strategy to bring another website to the first search result. ۔ This is a field that changes from day to day, so you always have to keep yourself up to date. This course is for you to understand how search engine works and how to get ahead of big competition, especially how to use good words and how to write good and different content. Can be very helpful. We are also giving you training of search engine optimization course in Pakistan and other countries.

SEO Course Outline

  • What is SEO & Why is it Important?
  • What are Keywords
  • How to Analyze Searcher Intent
  • Find Keywords for Your Website
  • Ranking Difficulty
  • On-Page SEO
  • How to Optimize a Page for a Keyword
  • What is Link Building
  • 3 Link Building Strategies to Get Backlinks
  • What makes a backlink “Good”?
  • Link Building Tactics
  • How to do Blogger Outreach for Backlinks
  • What is Technical SEO
  • Technical SEO Best Practices for Beginners
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What is SEO?

SEO is the best practice of increasing the quantity & quality of Traffic to your website through Free organic results. It is the activity of ensuring a website can be found by Google Search Engine & ranked when certain (keywords) are entered in a Search.

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