Top Websites News Website in Pakistan

News & Media Publishers in Pakistan are facing a lot of challenges. The environment is not friendly for this sector. There are many problems that they have to face every day, but at the same time, people still want to read news and learn about their lives. This list will help you find some websites that can give you all these things: Top Websites News Website in Pakistan

Pakistan News International

Dawn is the most popular news website in Pakistan. It was founded by M. J. Akbar in Karachi on 4 November 1941 and has grown to become one of the largest newspapers in South Asia, publishing daily except Sundays. Its headquarters are at Block E/1A-2C Shara Nazir Road in Karachi, Sindh Province (formerly British India). The newspaper’s online edition was launched on 19 July 2008, making it Pakistan’s first multilingual publication with its own website available for free access from all countries where Internet connectivity exists.

The paper also publishes a weekly supplement called ‘Dawn Weekly’ which is published every Wednesday.[5] In addition to its print products, Dawn also features an extensive digital presence via its mobile apps or their websites such as is a Pakistani media company based in Karachi, Pakistan. Geo TV was established on 15 November 2005 by Muzzamil Hussain, Javed Tsengar and Asim Siddiqui. The channel is currently one of the most popular news channels in Pakistan and has been awarded five times by Pakistan’s Cable TV Operators Association for its quality programming and service to viewers.

The main focus of Geo News is on international news but it also covers local events, including elections and political developments within Pakistan as well as those taking place around the world such as disasters or conflicts which affect us all directly or indirectly through our economy or our security concerns over terrorism attacks against civilians living nearby us (for example when terrorists attacked Mumbai during 2008). is a Pakistani news and entertainment website that was established in 2012 by a group of Pakistani journalists, who were disappointed with the state of media in their country. The site offers content about politics, entertainment and lifestyle as well as original reporting from around Pakistan.

Express has over 20 million visitors per month and is one of the most visited websites in Pakistan with an Alexa rank of 3rd position (global). It’s also considered one of the most trusted sources for local news from across Pakistan thanks to its wide coverage area which includes all major cities such as Lahore or Karachi etc., making Express an ideal choice if you’re looking for reliable information on anything ranging from local politics to national affairs!


News.Pk is a Pakistani news and entertainment website. It was launched in April 2008 by the Jang Group, which also owns other notable media outlets such as The News International ( LIA), The Nation (ANI) and Jang TV.

It is one of the most popular news websites in Pakistan and is available in Urdu and English languages. The website has been ranked as a high traffic website with over 100 million page views per month according to Alexa Internet rankings from November 2017 to October 2018. is a leading Urdu news portal in Pakistan. It was launched in 2010 by the Express Media Group and is based in Lahore, Pakistan. The website publishes content related to politics, entertainment and sports in Urdu language as well as English language.

The website has been ranked as one of the top websites for News & Media Publishers on Alexa Internet Ranking List of Pakistan from 2012 to 2017 with an average position of #517 (the highest being #1 is a news website based in Pakistan. It was launched as an online version of Samachar, a newspaper published since 1884. The website has more than 5 million monthly visitors and 1 million daily users across all platforms (desktop and mobile).

Samachar Group owns both the print edition and digital editions of Samachar newspaper, which are distributed free of charge to schools across the country along with their counterparts’ publications abroad such as Dawn News International or Al-Shorouk Newspaper (for example).

Samaa Tv

Samaa Tv is the first 24-hour news channel in Pakistan. It was launched on October 1, 2004 by Samaa Media Group and is based in Karachi, Pakistan. The headquarters of the channel are located at 9th Floor of Continental Plaza Building (CPC) along with its sister channels such as ARY News, HUM TV, PakTv and etc..

Samaa Tv broadcasts local news from all across Sindh province including Hyderabad and Mirpur Khas districts which are generally ignored by other networks because they do not provide any kind of entertainment value like dramas or movies but focus only on providing accurate information about local businesses as well as politics in these areas

Business Recorder

Business Recorder is a leading business newspaper in Pakistan. It was first published from Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad in March 1985. The Financial Times Group (FTG) owns the Business Recorder Group, which publishes 15 newspapers and magazines across Pakistan including its flagship publication Business Recorder.

Business Recorder has been published since 1985 and covers all aspects of Pakistani business life including politics, finance and economy as well as articles on international affairs related to economic development. The newspaper also covers sports news like cricket matches played by national teams such as Pakistan Cricket Team etc.; entertainment industry like film reviews by critics; lifestyle sections such as fashion trends etc.; food & drink reviews after careful research on restaurants serving delicious meals to customers at reasonable prices! Top Websites News Website in Pakistan

Excise And Taxation Department Lahore Pakistan

The Excise and Taxation Department is the official website of this government department. This is a government department that has been established to collect taxes on behalf of the government. The main purpose of this department is to ensure that all citizens pay their fair share in taxes, so they can be good citizens who contribute positively toward society.

The official website provides information about how you can apply for any type of license or permit needed by businesses within Pakistan including alcohol licenses, tobacco licenses and even medical marijuana licenses!

The News International DAWN Group of Newspapers

The Dawn Group of Newspapers is a Pakistani media conglomerate. With over 11 million hits per day and a reach of more than 4 million, it is Pakistan’s leading news website. It was founded in 2002 by the Islamabad Bureau Chief for Dawn group Asif Agha who later became its editor-in-chief.

The DAWN Group includes five publications: DAWN (the flagship English daily), Express Tribune, Business Recorder, Sunday Times and Pakistan Today which have all been awarded International Digital Awards for excellence in digital journalism by UNESCO World Press Freedom Day Committee every year since 2017 till date!

These Websites are The Most Popular ones in Pakistan

Here are some of the most popular websites in Pakistan: (Dawn News) is a popular news website that covers all major topics related to politics, sports, entertainment and lifestyle. It has been ranked by Alexa as the third most visited website in Pakistan with over 5 million unique visitors per month from over 150 countries around the world. The website was established in 1996 by two journalists working for The News International Group (TNG). It’s considered to be one of the most credible media organizations in Pakistan today due to its high quality journalism skills which they have demonstrated throughout their history with hard work and dedication towards their readership base every single day since then until now! Top Websites News Website in Pakistan

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