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When you first start learning how to make a game, it can be overwhelming. There are so many tools and resources available that it’s hard to know where to start. In this tutorial, I’ll cover what you need to get started with Unity and how I learned the basics myself (and why). Unity Tutorial for Beginners – Unity Learn: Learn game

Download and install the Software (and extensions)

  • Go to the Unity website and click “Download” for your platform (Windows, Mac, Linux).
  • Once downloaded, open up a new tab or window in your browser and go back to the Unity website again—this time clicking “Extensions” on the left-hand side of their homepage under “Downloads.” Then select either Windows or Mac depending on which version of Unity you want to use (or both). If you’re using Linux, then choose “Get More Extensions” instead of Downloading; this will give you access to all future extensions updates as they become available!

Start Learning how it all fits together

Unity is a 3D game engine that allows you to create games. It’s free, so you can start creating your own games right away!

The goal of this tutorial is to teach you how to use Unity in order to make your first game. We will start with the basics: what makes up a game, how do we get started making one and then work our way up through adding more features as we go along. By the end of this tutorial (and hopefully some practice), we’ll have created an entire platformer which includes characters moving around on screen and defeating enemies by attacking them directly with weapons or projectiles like arrows or bombs that explode when they hit something solid (like walls)

Create Your Own Assets

  • Importing assets into Unity.
  • Importing assets from the Unity Asset Store.
  • Importing assets from other sources, such as 3D models or sounds.


  • You need to start learning how to use the tools in Unity, and you’ll find that they’re all very similar. The physics engine is a great place to start!
  • The animation tools are also very simple once you have some experience with them—just drag-and-drop your characters into an object, apply movement presets, then play it back for real time effects like walking or running (if there’s an audio component).
  • Programming scripts is another way of writing code that can be used directly within games by developers themselves; it’s not always necessary but it can help make things easier as well as giving you total control over what happens when certain events happen within your game world (like collision detection).

Learning Game Development

Game development can be a difficult process, but if you go at your own pace and learn each step of the way, you’ll eventually make a game!

Learning to code is important because it will help you understand how games work and how they’re built. There are many free resources available online that teach basic programming concepts like loops and variables, but it’s best to start with something simple like this tutorial on HTML5 Programming by Codecademy or my own tutorials on JavaScript Fundamentals (a series of posts I wrote in 2014) which have been updated since then with more detailed explanations about functions, objects etcetera..

We hope that this guide has been helpful in getting you started with game development. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or comments!

Unity is a powerful game development engine, which allows you to create games and other interactive 3D content. This tutorial will teach you the basics of Unity, including: Unity Tutorial for Beginners – Unity Learn: Learn game

  • – Setting up your project
  • – Importing objects
  • – Adding Components to Objects
  • – Creating Prefabs
  • – Moving Objects in the Scene View

Unity is a game engine that allows you to create games. It is free and open-source, and it can be used in both 2D and 3D.

This tutorial will provide you with the basic skills to get started with Unity. You’ll learn how to use Unity’s interface, import assets, add components, animate objects, and more. Unity Tutorial for Beginners – Unity Learn: Learn game

Unity is a popular game engine that is used to create games for PC, consoles, mobile devices, and websites. This tutorial will teach you the basics of Unity by building a simple 2D game.

The goal of this tutorial is to introduce you to the basics of Unity. You will learn how to build a simple 2D game by following the steps in this article.

This tutorial assumes that you have some programming experience but no knowledge about Unity or any other 3D or 2D game engines. It also assumes that you know how to install software on your computer and use it with basic keyboard commands. Unity Tutorial for Beginners – Unity Learn: Learn game

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