Video Editing Course in Rawalpindi – Islamabad – 2023

We offer a Video Editing Course in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. This Course is basic Level to Advanced Level Training us a software Adobe Premier Pro CC. Video Editing Basics course. The course focuses on different types of video editing, editing principles, and editing tricks, followed by a learning tutorial on creating a video in Premiere Pro. This course is followed by a quiz to assess progress and a certificate of completion.

The most well-known and well-recognized course in the world is the video editing course in Rawalpindi. Technology is continually changing, and new changes and specialities are introduced every day. The popularity of the multimedia and video editing course in Rawalpindi is growing daily. The use of new multimedia tools and techniques has led to changes in editing processes. Most video editing is for television,

Video Editing Course Outline

  • Introduction of Video editing
  • Editing Video
  • Adding Video & Audio Transitions
  • Titles
  • Editing Audio
  • Cut , Copy , Selection
  • Color Grading
  • Animation in Adobe premier
  • Expert a Video
  • Visual Effects
  • Advanced Tips

Video Editing Course Fee: 17000/-

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What is Editing

Editing is the act of changing something about a video. This can include adding text, images, music, etc. Editing is often used to create videos that are more professional looking.

What is Adobe Premiere

Adobe Premiere is a video editing software that allows users to edit videos into different formats like AVI, MP4, MOV, etc. This program can be used to create professional quality videos from your digital camera. You can add special effects, transitions, titles, music, voice overs, and captions.

Learn a Professional Level Video editing Course get travel video , wedding video , real estate video and other different types of video editing use of software adobe premier pro cc.

In this course, friends will be taught video editing as well as audio editing, Photoshop and freelancing so that students can have a decent source of income after the course. Editing videos completely

  • Green screen
  • Motion graphics
  • Creating a promotional video
  • Making whiteboard videos
  • Writing Urdu with the help of pen or hand on the white board
  • Audio recording and editing
  • Designing images on Photoshop
  • Introduction to Fiver and other freelancing websites
  • Complete information and tricks on freelancing

Apart from this, the introduction of websites where millions of free images, SVG images, videos and green screen effects can be obtained absolutely free.
Not only this, thousands of free SVG images will be provided with this course.

The purpose of the video editing course is to introduce the students to the art of movie post-production, which is necessary in the modern broadcast and digital content industries. The course will be useful and practical so that the students may succeed in their particular areas. Students will learn video processing editing, motion graphics, and vlogging techniques in this rigorous practice-based course. Additionally, they will be able to identify and learn about represented manufacturing techniques and develop their own unique style.

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