What is 3D Studio Max ? What is it Used For?

3D Studio Max is a powerful modeling tool that allows users to create realistic models using polygons, curves, surfaces, textures, lights, cameras, and animation. This program can be used to model any object, from cars to buildings to characters. It has many features that make it easy to use, including tools that allow users to easily manipulate their objects. What is 3D Studio Max ? What is it Used For?

2 #V-Ray

V-Ray is a ray tracing rendering engine that uses real-time global illumination to produce photo realistic images. Ray tracing is a method of simulating light propagation through a three dimensional scene. It calculates the amount of light reaching each pixel on the screen based on how much light originates from where. V-Ray’s unique feature set makes it ideal for creating high quality renders of complex scenes. Learn 3D Studio Max

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