What is Amazon ? Basic Information

Amazon is a company that sells products online. They are known for their fast shipping and low prices.

Amazon was founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos while he was at Harvard Business School. In 1998, Amazon started an e-commerce website and began selling books. Since then, Amazon has expanded into other product categories like electronics, clothing, toys, furniture, and food.

Amazon has been ranked 3 on the Fortune 500 list. Their revenue in 2011 was $136 billion dollars, making them larger than many nation states.

Amazon’s headquarters is located in Seattle, Washington. Jack Ma, the CEO of Alibaba Group, said “I believe Amazon will be the biggest brand in the world.” (2015)

Amazon has been called the “everything store”, due to its vast selection of products.

Amazon employs over 300,000 people worldwide.

History of Amazon

The first inhabitants of the Amazon region were hunter-gatherers who lived in small groups called tribes. These tribes would move seasonally from place to place according to the availability of food resources and other natural factors. They had no permanent settlements or villages. Tribes were composed of close relatives and their children. Get Learn Amazon 

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