What is SEO ? Search Engine Optimization Simple Explained – 2023

The full form of SEO is search engine optimization. It is used to optimize a website’s link popularity and technical configuration. Its pages can easily be find able and popular with users’ search queries, and search engines rank them better.

What is SEO?

What is SEO?

The efforts of SEO are very useful for both the user’s search experience and the page’s ranking. Search engines help people with anything they find online. Here you can find anything that you want to search for.

You are in the right place to know about, What is SEO. It offers a useful and valuable opportunity for business owners to direct relevant traffic to your website. You can rank your website higher on results with its help so that you receive more traffic. You don’t need to pay search engines to get higher organic search rankings. For example, you don’t pay any for content quality and keyword research.

What is SEO & How It Works?

When people find any query and search the internet for the best answers, they use search engines. These search engines provide results for any search query that a user enters. Search engines rely on algorithms to find web pages and decide which ones to rank for any given keyword. The search engines work in three steps. Thus, these three steps are crawling,

Indexing and Ranking.


The first step of search engines is crawling. These search engines send web crawlers to find new pages and record their information. Therefore, we identified these crawlers with the name

Spiders or Robots.

Its purpose is to discover new web pages that highly exist. They also check the Content periodically. On pages, they have visited previously visited to see their queries.


The second step of search engines is indexing. This occurs when a search engine decides whether or not it will use the content it has crawled. When a crawled web page is deemed worthy by a search engine, then it is added to its index.

This is Used in the Final Ranking Stage.

On the other hand, When Content is indexed, it can be stored in a database where it can be retrieved. The many web pages that offer unique and useful Content are placed in the index. There are some reasons why any content does not index.

• When Content is duplicated or copy-pasted
• Content has low value
• It could not be crawled


The ranking is the most important step in search engines. This step happens after crawling, and indexing steps are completed. So, when the search engine has crawled and indexed your site, your site can go on rankings. Therefore, in some conditions, search engines can rank your website pages.

• The important thing is that is keyword present in the Content.
• The loading speed of your web page is also very important for ranking.
• The website’s reputation is also very important for this purpose.

These steps also help us know about “What is SEO”.

Why SEO is Important:

SEO is very important. To know about the importance of SEO, we divided its definition into three parts.

Quality of Organic Traffic:

The quality of organic traffic depends on how relevant the user is. And their search query are to the content available on your website. Thus, you can attract all the visitors from all over the world. High-quality traffic depends upon those interested in finding information, as well as products and other resources that your website offers.

Which are The Three Pillars of SEO?

As a digital marketer knowing how to get your website can need to be found by searches, and it is a core skill. Therefore, SEO changes in some small ways. Therefore, these small ways are pillars of SEO that you need to be familiar with.

Technical Optimization

Completing all the activities for SEO improvement but not related to Content is called technical optimization. This all process is often behind the scene.

On-Page Optimization:

The process of ensuring the Content on your site is relevant and provides a great user experience. And throwing the right keyword in your Content every time was done through a content management system is called On-Page optimization.

Off-Page Optimization:

The process of enhancing your site’s search engine rankings through many simple activities from the outside of the site is called Off-Page Optimization. This process is largely throwing with backlinks. These backlinks are helping to build the reputation of the site. Therefore, If you have complete information about these three pillars of SEO, you have all information about what SEO is. These three pillars of SEO are very important for the SEO process.

Consider the Following things while doing Off Page SEO:

Domain Authority

DA determines the website performance and quality and if backlink leads from website with higher DA to website with lower DA, it helps lower DA website get an optimized page rank and higher results in SERPs.


Getting the links from high DA sites is essential to check the relevancy. Off-page SEO requires relevancy through backlinks.

Site Traffic

Site traffic can be increased with doing off-page activities such as forum posting and blogging websites get the audience’s attention. These websites help get good results that can drive traffic to your website.

Link Types

There are two types of the link which are involved in link building and promotional activities:

Do-Follow Links:

These links are default link types that allow Google bots to pass value to a link or webpage linked. Google observes several do-follow links with separate domains.

No-Follow Links:

These links won’t pass any value to a page to which these are linked to. These links were designed to attempt web spam. No follow links won’t make difference for rankings.

What are the SEO Benefits?

Businesses can’t survive without SEO and it’s essential to follow a right SEO strategies to reap benefits. Start-ups or established companies need to use SEO and this one has become an essential part of successful marketing strategy.

More Quality Leads Generation

SEO helps to improve the website and increase user experience. It will captivate the audience attention with relevant information.  Optimizing of animations will make it easier to detect by any Search engine. Better user experience will give more leads and higher conversion rates.

Gives Higher Conversion Rate

Good ranking would improve the conversion rates. Right business techniques need to follow for maintaining the top ranking of the website. Higher conversion rate would improve the credibility and reputation of the authority in the industry.

Promotes Better Cost Management

SEO help to optimize the cost management and you will be able to get the affordable advertising and low cost lead generation. Better cost management is the main benefit of SEO to target the right audience. It tracks the position to acquire the top SERPs.

Keeps You in Competition

SEO keeps you ahead in the competition to see what other competitors are doing. Just do a detailed research of keyword and long way to go. We all know what is SEO optimization?  It helps you to know what customers exactly search for. We don’t want you to underestimate the capability of Search engines which are good enough to keep everyone in ahead of competition.

It’s pretty much easier to keep track of metrics which will let you know about how successful your SEO efforts are. Each aspect of the SEO can be evaluated which are much improved. Read about Google analytics  learn more about google analytics and website improvement.

SEO provides long term marketing strategy to see the improved results for several years. What is SEO optimization and how SEO services increase the traffic? These all things require experience and detailed understanding. SEO can help to get the recognition among other competitors. You would see the instant result through black hat techniques. It may increase the traffic but harmful for the overall website. Black Hat SEO results are temporary and unethical as per the google Algorithm.

Better User Experience

User experience is important for SEO and positive user experience would increase the website ranking among others. Google always favor the websites which offer useful information and accurate data. Popup advertising and irrelevant content can slow down the website loading. Don’t leave the terrible experience which will lower down the results in SERP.

Wrap Up

This is the all about what is SEO optimization? What other techniques are to be followed for improving the better user experience. SEO is opening huge opportunities for businesses to reach out the right audience. Every brand need to go for Expert SEO techniques Semrush  Types of SEO 2 types of SEO On Page & Off Page

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