What Is the WordPress Admin Dashboard

The WordPress Admin Dashboard is the first page that you see when you log on to your WordPress site. It gives you a list of admin tasks and options.

All the content management happens in the backend but the frontend has two major sections – Posts and Pages, where you can compose new content or manage old posts and pages.

WordPress Admin Dashboard

The WordPress dashboard is the admin page that you can access by logging in to your site. It contains all the features and functionality that you will need to manage your WordPress website.

WordPress is an open-source, free content management system (CMS) for publishing content to the web. The WordPress dashboard allows users to create, edit, delete, and publish posts; manage pages; manage menus; and add or edit images. It also includes other administrative tools such as plugin installation, dashboard design customization, hosting configuration, and more.

The WordPress admin dashboard is the interface between you and your blog.

The WordPress dashboard is the interface between you and your blog. You’ll find all the information about your site and its content, as well as everything else related to it. You can use this information to make changes, edit content, plan for future posts, or anything else you need to do with your site.

The admin dashboard consists of two main sections: Posts and Pages . The Posts section contains a page with each post on it (along with comments and trackbacks), along with a list of drafts that are ready to be published if you choose to publish them now. The Pages section contains a list of pages for posts that don’t exist yet along with links for adding new ones. What Is the WordPress Admin Dashboard The WordPress admin panel, often known as WP Admin or the WP admin dashboard, serves as the primary management interface for your whole WordPress website. It’s where you handle content creation and management, add functionality with plugins, alter styling through themes, and do so much more.

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