What’s New in WordPress 6.0

WordPress is an open-source, free content management system (CMS) which powers more than 28% of the web. It has evolved into a powerful blogging and website publishing tool with a focus on ease of use and flexibility. What’s New in WordPress 6.0

Some of the new features in WordPress 6.0 are:

– Themes have now been integrated with WordPress Customizer, an empowering way for users to customize their website design without editing any code!

– A ‘large screens’ mode customizer breakpoint has also been introduced for those who prefer larger text, icons, and layout elements on their computer screens.

– In WordPress 6.0 there is a new dashboard widget that provides global traffic stats to help you keep track of how many people are visiting your site right now!

WordPress 6.0 is now available for download. The new update includes a redesigned editor, an improved dashboard, and a refreshed administration panel. WordPress 6.0 also includes integration with the Google Cloud Platform and Site Health Check feature to ensure that your website is running at top performance.

The new WordPress Admin provides a streamlined interface that’s easier to use and makes it easier to accomplish day-to-day tasks – like crafting posts and pages or setting up profiles or site goals.

The WordPress editor has been revamped to make writing posts faster, more flexible, and more enjoyable with the introduction of full featured inline image editing (compatible with the soon-to-be-released Gutenberg editor).

Site admins can now easily determine the performance of their sites with features like device detection, browser detection

In this article, we will focus on the new Gutenberg editor and its impact on WordPress users.

The Gutenberg Editor is an upcoming content editor which is currently being developed for WordPress. It has a similar layout to Microsoft Word with the use of blocks that are created from drag and drop text, images and other media.

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