WordPress Course – Build a Full Website using WordPress

Learn how to create your own website using WordPress. This course will teach you everything from setting up your domain name, choosing a theme, installing plugins, creating pages, adding content, working with posts and pages, customizing your site, etc. WordPress is huge range of blogging website. This WordPress Course will anyone how to use a WordPress to become a WordPress & how to make money with best platform. we offer a Wordperss basic to advanced level training in WordPress. creation of post and page theme and plugin this WordPress Training will help you in creating a all types of website like education health and news website. WordPress Course In Rawalpindi

WordPress Course Outline

  • What is WordPress
  • WordPress Install
  • WordPress Themes
  • Wordperss Plugins
  • What is Page
  • What is Post
  • What is Weights
  • What is Setting
  • Demo Data
  • Plugins Work
  • Themes Setting
  • Color and Sidebar
  • Footer Setting
  • 5 Final Pro

Course Fee: 17000/-

Wordpres Course Call Now: 0332-5649993

WordPress Fundamentals

In this course we’ll cover the basics of WordPress. We’ll go over installing WordPress, registering your domain, picking a theme, building a page, adding content, managing comments, and much more!

WordPress Plugin Development

In this course we will learn about developing our own WordPress plugin. We’ll start out by learning what a plugin is and then move into writing our first plugin. By the end of this course you should have a good understanding of how to write a basic plugin.

Advanced WordPress

In this course we are going to take things further. We will learn advanced topics like caching, security, SEO, eCommerce, and much more. You will leave this course knowing how to do anything related to WordPress.
WordPress Security

In this course we’re going to talk about securing your WordPress installation. We will discuss common attacks, how to prevent them, and how to respond if they occur. WordPress – Build a Full Website using WordPress WordPress Course In Rawalpindi WordPress Course Rawalpindi

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