5- Best WordPress Membership Plugins – 2023 Review

WordPress has a long history of being used as a CMS platform and it still plays an important part in the industry. The most popular WordPress membership plugin is MemberPress, which allows you to easily add all types of memberships in your website without any programming knowledge required. WordPress Membership Plugins

1# Restrict Content Pro

Restrict Content Pro

Restrict Content Pro is a great plugin to help you manage your membership site. It lets you create multiple levels of membership and allows members to view restricted content only after they have paid for it. You can also add a free trial period, which gives users access to the entire site during this time period before they have to purchase anything.

The Restrict Content Pro plugin comes with many features that allow you to create an online store on top of your WordPress website, including:

Membership Levels – You can set up different levels of payment so that people who want more info or additional services pay more money than those who just want basic access (like free memberships).

Customizable Pricing Plans – Choose from several different pricing plans depending on what kind of content will be shown in each section on your website; whether it’s articles about certain topics or tutorials about how best practices work within the industry at large.”

2# MemberPress


MemberPress is a premium WordPress membership plugin that allows you to create and manage membership websites, sell access to members-only content and offers a variety of payment options. The plugin was developed by WooCommerce developer WooThemes, who also created the popular e-commerce platform Envato Market.

MemberPress boasts over 3 million downloads on the WordPress repository, making it one of the most popular plugins in its niche.

3# Paid Memberships Pro

Paid Memberships Pro

Paid Memberships Pro is a paid membership plugin that gives you the option to create multiple levels of paid memberships and allows you to add payment options. The free plan includes everything you need, but if you want more features such as recurring billing and customizing your settings, the Pro plan costs $29 per month or $99 per year (prices are in USD).

The Enterprise plan adds many additional features including advanced payment options, recurring billing for up to 12 months at once (no monthly charge), customizing membership levels with extra features (like group or team levels), multi-site support for up to 20 sites on one account

4# Simple Membership

Simple Membership

Simple Membership is a powerful WordPress membership plugin that lets you sell access to your premium content, or take subscriptions for a site membership.

The first step in using this plugin is creating an account at [url removed, login to view] and adding some basic information about yourself. After that, it’s time to get started! You can create specific pages on your website dedicated to each type of membership (for example: “Membership Level 1-3”). These pages will contain information on how much money people will pay per month for each tier (1-$3) and any requirements they must meet before becoming a member.

5# s2Member


S2Member is one of the best membership plugins on the market. It’s robust, it has tons of functionality and it works with any theme.

S2Member allows you to sell memberships, set up recurring payments, and restrict access to your content. Additionally, it includes an eCommerce store builder, billing and payment gateway plugins that can be easily integrated into your site.

These Are The Best Membership Plugins for WordPress

  • The best plugins for WordPress are those that are easy to use and have a lot of features.
  • The best plugins for WordPress are those that are easy to configure and have lots of features.
  • The best plugins for WordPress are those that are easy to use and have lots of features.


In this article, we’ve covered five of the best WordPress membership plugins available. We’ve covered how each of them works and what features they offer, as well as their pros and cons. Hopefully you can use these plugins to build a successful membership site for your business or blog! 5- Best WordPress Membership Plugins – 2023 Review

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